Recommended Pink Floyd related Sites

The Pink Floyd Archives by Vernon Fitch
The Pink Floyd Archives is an ongoing archive of Pink Floyd material for the purpose of documenting the history of Pink Floyd. It was started in the mid-seventies by collector Vernon Fitch to provide a centralized place for Pink Floyd information and collectibles. The Archives includes collections of numerous Floydian historical items, including records, singles, CDs, tapes, videos, posters, tour programs, back stage passes, promotional materials, books, magazines, photos, autographs, etc.
The Echoes List Web Page
"echoes" is a mailing list dedicated to the pursuit of all things floydian. note that it is a mailing list, not a newsgroup.
A Fleeting Glimpse
Here you will find stories about how Col Turner remembers Pink Floyd's development over the period 1966-1988. You will also find many incredible, exclusive pics, some amazing and unusual exhibitions and stacks of videos and non copyright MP3's.
Amused to Death
This site is dedicated to Roger Waters, one of the best lyricists imo, ever to write for Rock and Roll: there are included his solo works as well as his works with Pink Floyd.
Roger Waters
Roger Waters Official Site.
Pink Floyd
Pink Floyd Official EMI Site. It contains audio samples and evocative pictures related to the band albums.
Gav's Pink Floyd CD ScaNZ
A Pink Floyd CD reference page showing the CD label art for different releases.
The Pink Floyd RoIO Database
There are many albums which are labelled "live", "import", "containing unreleased material", "collectors item", "non-official record" or "rare recording". Many people also prefer to call them bootlegs. The site authors avoid this word and use the term :
RoIO = Record of Illegitimate/Indeterminate Origin.
The Pink Floyd RoIO Database gives potential buyers hints on what to avoid and what to seach for. It is maintained by a group of people and contains information contributed by numerous fans.
Crazy D's Pink Floyd Bootleg Site
Beyond doubt it's the best resource of live Audio samples related to Floyds.

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