A syd Barrett picture by Yves Budin

Yves Budin is a Belgian Jazz Illustrator.

...Born October 6 1974 at the vicinity of Lihge (Belgium) where he grew up in a marvelous literal universe (comics, stories, art works, . ).
Has been designing since ever. Never took formal lessons until the day when by chance he opened " La Ballade de la Mer Salie " ( Corto Maltese ) of Venetian master Hugo Pratt. It was like a mighty slap in the face. Red cheek, hot head, throbbing fingers. Black and White. Black ink. Teenager. Literary bulimia.
He ends by putting fire to his library but kept Baudelaire, Rimbaud, Ciline, Henry Miller, John Fante, Malcolm Lowry...and Jack Kerouac.
Another mighty slap in the face (he extends the other cheek). Getting mad. packs some belongings. Travels. Music Non Stop. Discovers Bowie, Iggy Pop, Syd Barrett, the Cramps, Kraftwerk, Aphex Twin ... and all the mysterious delights associated with wild music.
Graduates from college to become teacher of French & history. Discovery of jazz. Listening to Miles Davis' " Bitches Brew " with a glass of red wine in hand. Tells himself it's time to go for it. Talk about his wonderful companion who gives him Hugo, their son.