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Section 9 (of 10) : Loose Ends

  1. : Frustrating Unanswered Questions
  2. : Which One Is Pink
  3. : Assorted Trivia
  4. : The Rumor Mill
  5. : Other bands of interest
  6. : Where Are They Now ?

01 : Frustrating Unanswered Questions

Frustrating Unanswered Questions
Here we present some questions for which nobody's really come up with an answer yet:

 "So what is the FUQ?"

The FUQ is located at http://lunatics.cjb.net

02 : Which One Is Pink

Which Floyd Is Better ?

 Which One Is Pink ?

This comes up all the time, especially when new people join and want to voice their opinions. The problem with this question is that *everyone* has their own thoughts on the matter, and that those thoughts are entirely subjective.

Without going into any details, any pros and/or cons of either Syd's, Waters' or Gilmour's writing, singing, or playing styles, and without delving into the personalities of different members of the band or the concepts they provided or the concerts they performed, I'll just say this:

Everyone likes or dislikes any particular version of Floyd or the solo artists for strictly personal reasons. Trying to convince anyone to change these preferences is going to be a futile effort.

Posting on this subject is *highly* frowned upon, on the newsgroup and especially on Echoes. In other words, don't do it.

03 : Assorted Trivia

Unrelated Trivia
This section simply is a collection of loose odds and ends that occasionally pop up on echoes.


On Primus' _Pork Soda_ album, there is a lyric on song #12 ("The Air is Getting Slippery") that goes, "If you studied your Floyd properly, you'd know that pigs could fly." Primus has also covered "Have a Cigar" on their _Miscellaneous Debris_ EP.

 Beastie Boys

In the video for the Beastie Boys' song "Gratitude," they play in a "Pompeii-style" arena and have their rotating (Leslie) amps marked "PINK FLOYD -- LONDON", just like in Pompeii.

 The Orb

The ambient group The Orb has used the Battersea Power Station on album covers, features bassist Guy Pratt, and has some obviously Floyd-inspired tunes (e.g. "Plateau").

 7th Level

The multimedia software company 7th Level features some interesting connections to Pink Floyd. Scott Page is the Executive Vice President, while Bob Ezrin is Co-Chairman of the Board and Executive Vice President of Production. Gilmour is credited for the "guitar effects" on the company's "Tuneland" CD-ROM.


Groove collective Phish (check them out if they're playing in your area) has paid homage to Pink Floyd at various of their live shows, either by covering a Floyd song, a Syd Barrett song (often accompanied by a solo on an Elektrolux vacuum cleaner, a Floydian hint (their Slip Stitch and Pass live album has a cover designed by Hipgnosis, and contains a few seconds of Careful performed by Phish) and at one time performing the entire dark Side Of The Moon album as part of the song Harpua (Utah, nov1998). For far more details than you'd ever wanted to know, check out http://www.phish.com

04 : The Rumor Mill

The Rumor Mill
This section contains often heard rumors, we try to state of each rumor whether or not it's true. For a fairly extensive list of current and recent rumors and the lowdown on which are true and which aren't, see The Acid Test at http://acidtest.cjb.net

05 : Other bands of interest

Other Bands of Interest
What follows is a list of other bands that get mentioned on Echoes and are of interest to Floyd fans in some way. This section is rather bare bones yet, and needs to be fleshed out in the future.


See the trivia section, this jam band has covered a fair number of Floyd songs in concert, including a complete Dark Side Of The Moon.

 Porcupine Tree

Obviously very influenced by Pink Floyd, though they are slowly changing musical directions. There most floydian CD is The Sky Moves Sideways.


They appear on a CD included in Vernon Fitch's Pink Floyd Encyclopedia. Gilmour produced some of their songs. Michael Moorcock (author of The Winds Of Limbo which gave Set The Controls its title) was a member.


Influenced by Floyd. Some of their songs sound very Floydian.

 Lee Saunders

His album A Promise Of Peace, was once described as "Beating waters at his own game".


For better or worse, have been often labeled "the next Pink Floyd" by media. In fact, "The Bends" and "OK Computer" have very Floydian elements.

Some other bands which are often mentioned on Echoes as being popular with Floyd fans include, King Crimson, Rush, Yes, The Beatles and far too many others to list here. However, Floyd fans may be fans of virtually any other kind of music: classical, industrial, metal, light pop, techno, folk, blues, and any other genre you could dream of (including Country & Western). So, one fan's opinion of what is "Floydian"-sounding may be dramatically different from your own.

06 : Where Are They Now ?

Where Are They Now ?  Syd Barrett

[Info from the "Saucerful of Secrets" and "Crazy Diamond" books:] Roger Barrett currently resides in suburban Cambridge. He lives a fairly isolated existence, his affairs looked after by his sister, Rosemary Breen. He spends his time painting, reading, tending his garden and coin collection, and working on a pet-project of his, "The History of Art." The money from his Pink Floyd and solo albums is more than enough to subsidize his low-key lifestyle.

Though there are occasional "Syd sightings," Mr. Barrett finds it difficult to relate to and communicate with other people, and anyone attempting to track him down is likely to meet with a closed door, and the ire of Barrett fans worldwide who feel he should be left alone.

 Dave, Rick and Nick

Dave, Nick and Rick are doing what they like best. Nick is racing his cars, Rick is sailing his yachts and Dave is flying his airplanes and occasionally contrubuting some guitar playing to other artists' albums. Making music and recording a new Floyd album is apparently not high on their priority list.

 Roger Waters

Roger is undertaking a tour of the USA, is still working on his opera, has plans for a book of poetry and is working on a collection of short stories. He has booked studio time for February 2000 to work on a new album of rock music, which he says will be based on the theme of "personal responsibility."

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