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Section 3 (of 10) - Common Floyd Related Questions

  1. : What Pink Floyd fanzines are out there
  2. : What Are Some Good Books about Pink Floyd
  3. : What Artwork Exists
  4. : Fleudian Slips
  5. : A list of common abbreviations
  6. : A list of coverbands
  7. : What are the management adresses ?
  8. : What floyd videos exist ?

01 : What Pink Floyd fanzines are out there

Are there any Pink Floyd fanzines?

 The Azimuth Coordinator

A new fanzine will hit the world starting September 1999. This magazine, called The Azimuth Coordinator, promises to be a A4 sized full color cover magazine, giving the *usual* stuff (interviews, reprints of old articles, ROIO and concert reviews, the latest news, a collectors network and more. Basically the same kind of items as Brain Damage used to have.

We've seen the sample issue, and if the next issues will maintain the quality of the sample issue, this is a magazine well worth subscribing to. For more information check out http://www.crazy-diamond.nl or e-mail info@crazy-diamond.nl

NOTE TAC is in no way, shape or form affiliated with Brain Damage magazine, and any inquiries related to Brain Damage subscriptions, back orders and more should NOT be directed to TAC.


There is a Roger Waters fanzine published by REG, the International Roger Waters Fan Club. Subscription Info:

 Syd Barrett fanzines

And for Syd Barrett fans, you can learn more about the "Chapter 24" Sydzine (now defunct) by sending a SASE to:

You might also investigate "The Ebony Totem -- Psychedelia, Mysticism and Swinging London." Send 2 pounds (includes UK postage) payable to

[NOTE: this information is from 1995, we have no idea if this is still correct]

A small Barrett fanzine called "Dust & Guitars" is produced occasionally. For information on current availability, contact Denise Vacca at milkyway@icdc.net

There are also two out-of-production fanzines which can still be obtained. The chief early Syd Barrett fanzine was "Terrapin." A boxed set of all the "Terrapin" issues has recently been made available.

 The Amazing Pudding

The chief Pink Floyd fanzine was for long "The Amazing Pudding," until it ceased production in early 1994. Back issues (the last was #60) are still available; for inquiries send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to:

 Brain Damage

The main Pink Floyd fanzine was "Brain Damage." However, Brain Damage seems to be defunct these days. It has been almost two years since the last issue. Orders placed with Brain Damage are handled with huge delays, and e-mails and other correspondence remain unanswered. The last sign of life from Brain Damage was an almost content-free flyer send out to US- subscribers only, basically stating that Brain Damage was not defunct.

This flyer was sent out in December 1998. Since then I have tried to contact Brain Damage through e-mail and snail mail, and have never heard anything back from them.

If you want to reach Brain Damage, their address is still

Do not expect any response from them, since you won't be getting any, whether you include an SASE or not.

It's sad to see a magazine die this way.

02 : What Are Some Good Books about Pink Floyd

What are some good books relating to Pink Floyd?
There have been many books published relating to Pink Floyd. Here's a list of all the English language ones (plus a few others) that we know of, with comments...

Exclusive distributors for most Pink Floyd sheet music books:

03 : What Artwork Exists

 What kind of artwork is available for Floyd records and CDs?
This question has been deleted. Information on different artwork (i.e. differing from the artwork you can find in any CD/Record shop) is now available per album, in the albums section of the FAQ.

The Pink Floyd archives has a full discography on the web, with cover scans for all regular (and a whole lot of not so regular) official albums. See the section on "The Pink Floyd Archives".

 "Are there posters available of the album artwork?"

Short answer: Yes

Slightly longer answer: There are many more Pink Floyd posters than is feasible to list here, including many of the album covers, in many different sizes. Here's the address of the company that distributes most of them:

04 : Fleudian Slips

Fleudian Slips Not a slip itself, but since it inspired this section... On the inner sleeve of David Gilmour's About Face LP, printed in the bottom right-hand corner, is "Fleudian Slip." -=-

On the remastered CD of A Saucerful of Secrets (made in Holland/printed in the UK), on the CD itself the title track is spelled "...Secret."

The Shine On set contains a fair number of errors:

The CD booklet of More omits credits to Gilmour and Mason on the "Dramatic Theme." Mason is also left out of the crediting for the "Main Theme."

On the XX DSotM release, on the CD itself, track 1b is labeled "Breath in the Air." "Breathe in the Air" is the correct spelling; with "Breathe" being an accepted official shortening.

On Capitol's cassette release of AHM, on both the cover and cassette, it lists "If" as being on side one; it's on side two.

The jewel boxes of some OBC CDs are erroneously marked ADD (analog recording, digital mixing/editing, digital mastering). As is written on the CD itself, they are AAD. (I've also heard of this happening on both More and Meddle.)

David Gilmour's name tends to get misspelled quite a bit. It's spelled "Glimour" on the inside credits of some versions of the Final Cut CD, while some ASoS releases have it as "Gilmore." It's also "Gilmore" on the credits to the film "More" (though this may have been an intentional play on words), and on the KQED video. KQED also spells "Green is the Colour" as the American "Color."

In the Dark Side of the Moon guitar tabulature book, "Any Colour You Like" is listed as "Breathe (Second Reprise)"

The US CD booklet of David Gilmour adds a preceding "It's" to the title of "Deafinitely." The title is printed correctly on the disc itself.

In the printed lyrics for "What God Wants Part I", some versions of ATD have "The alien cried prophet" written; "prophet cried" is what's sung.

On the EMI release of Pulse, the track list on the inside cover reverses the placement of songs 6 and 7.

05 : A list of common abbreviations

Some useful abbreviations...
On the 'Net, and throughout this FAQ, there are quite a few abbreviations in use. We're lazy people, and don't like to type more than we have to. So, to help you understand what follows:

 Albums: Fanzines:


 General Stuff:

Any others should (hopefully!) be understandable from the context.

06 : A list of coverbands

What good Pink Floyd cover bands are out there?
Here is a short list of some of the major ones who have been recently active:

These bands generally feature small-scale light shows or other "Floydian" stage props, and perform exclusively or nearly exclusively Pink Floyd material. One of their attractions is that they often play some of the older, and less well known, songs.

07 : What are the management adresses ?

What is the address of Pink Floyd's management?
  For Pink Floyd, from the "Shine On" book:

  And, for Roger Waters:

08 : What floyd videos exist ?

What videos can I find of Pink Floyd?
In addition to what's listed, the music of Pink Floyd and its members has appeared in several feature films and TV shows of various availability (All My Loving, Music Power, Stamping Ground, Rock 'n Roll--The Greatest Years: 1967, San Francisco, and Rock City), and members of the group have made several guest appearances at concerts (Live Aid, Deep End, Amnesty International Big 30, The Secret Policeman's Third Ball, Columbian Volcano Concert, Seville, Walden Woods benefit show, etc.), some of which are available. David Gilmour also did the soundtrack for a BBC show called "The Art of Tripping," produced by Storm Thorgerson, as well as for "Colours of Infinity" by Arthur C Clarke about fractals.

There have also been a bunch of other short "cameos" like Gilmour on Pop Quiz (several occasions), Saturday Night Live (12dec87), French & Saunders (19apr90) and Ruby Wax (Ruby Takes A Trip [31dec91]). And music from Pink Floyd is used frequently as unofficial "incidentals" on TV shows, news programs, and feature films.

A good list of TV appearances appeared in Record Collector magazine. For a copy of this list, send the commands

    send tv-video echoes

to the address "echoserv@fawnya.meddle.org"

 "Concert Videos and Official Floyd/Solo Releases"

 "Feature Films"

 [ ] 04.3 "Promotional/MTV videos and other 'shorts'"

First, a list of official promotional videos:

There are also several rare, rather short official film clips of interest. One is "Syd Barrett's First Trip," and is a short 8mm film of just that. It was taken by Nigel Gordon, a student friend of Syd's. Another is a recording of the Floyd outside Abbey Road Studios in April 1967, after signing their first EMI recording contract. These were released together in a limited edition. There was also a short promotional film for Gilmour's first solo album, featuring him in the studio performing "No Way," "There's No Way Out Of Here," "I Can't Breathe Anymore," and "So Far Away."

Worthy of mention here was the Floyd's plan to score an animated series called "Rollo" in 1970. The series was to be about the adventures of Rollo, a young boy, who accompanies "Professor Creator" on quests for rare animals to stock an intergalactic zoo. A pilot show was made, featuring some old Floyd music, but the high-quality animations that were to be the hallmark of the series made the cost too prohibitive, and it was canceled.

Finally, there's lots of stuff out there in the non-official markets. A popular example of such material is the "Video Anthology" which collects many of the visual works by Pink Floyd. Unfortunately, it is a VoIO, and lacks as much in terms of quality as it does legality. However, here is a listing of bits on the tapes, if only to provide a better idea of what videos Floyd have done. Since these tapes circulate in a variety of track lists, this is simply a listing of what we know was on those tapes in 1995. If you obtain a video anthology, do not be surprised if the tracks on your tape differ from the below list.

 Video Anthology Volume 1

The Pink Floyd Archives has a list of all known (to Vernon at least) videos, both for Pink Floyd and Solo. These include all known live shows. For more information, see the Pink Floyd Archives website at http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/PFArchives or contact Vernon by e-mail at PFArchives@compuserv.com.

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