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Hi! I just released a film in UK on video called Pink Floyd 1966-67. I was
the first person to record the Floyd, with Syd in all his glory, two songs,
Interstella Overdrive and Nick's Boogie. Spring 1967, for my film TONITE
LET'S ALL MAKE LOVE IN LONDON. Last year I discovered film of the recording
session in excellent colour, also more colour film live at UFO and film of
the 14 Hour Technicolur Dream event; last place Syd played.
I've also just released a novel called "The Risen", dedicated to Syd -
about a guy who takes some smart drugs and disappears. I've called it a
"Holographic novel" - it's derived from that image of the three Giza
pyramids on Dark Side of the Moon. Metaphysical science fiction/virtual
reality. A real internet novel.
I lived in Cambridge early Sixties and Syd practised in the house where I
lived. I was painting then - he had an exhibition with my friend who later
became my soundman when I made films - Anthony Stern. We shared lots of
friends. (Girls included!) My novel records the kind of things happening.
Its interconnected then and now by music and drugs and virtual reality,
cyberspace etcetra. Available AK Distribution in San Fransisco.
Video ought to be out in USA, if not can be found at SEE FOR MILES records
in UK. I'm making some stills from the film - great close ups of SYD - and
transferring to computer. Might be able to make some available on net. The
Risen is available on Internet, but we are also doing a new hypertexted
version; in two months or so it will also be out on CD interactive.
I also made Rolling Stones film CHARLIE IS MY DARLING that has been
bootlegged around USA.
Tell people to get in touch! Let this out to anyone else who might be
interested and wants to get in touch. Best of luck with your project.
Peter Whitehead.

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