the vegetable man project vol.3


OV004 - cd
Featuring other 20 artists performing their personal
full lenght cover of the song. Out on November 27th, 2004.


syd barrett's vegetable man played by:

01. I/O (italy)
02. le monochrome (canada)
03. floorian (usa)
04. alberto motta (italy)
05. storm of depression (italy)
06. electric orange (germany)
07. in the labyrinth (sweden)
08. berna park hotel (italy)
09. jan van den dobbelsteen (the netherlands)
10. mondobliquo (italy)
11. babazula (turkey)
12. new planet trampoline (usa)
13. larsen lombriki (italy)
14. madcaps (italy)
15. swedish whistler (sweden)
16. hyperbubble (usa)
17. znorty (italy)
18. dario antonetti (italy)
19. low philosophers (???)
20. kokoro mayikibo (italy)



Vegetable Men walk among us. The invasion is maybe already over and we haven’t realised. The pods of Invasion of the body-snatchers didn’t need to fight, they became like us and they took us over while we slept. It was easy to surrender, seductive. We only had to abandon ourselves to sleep. In the end, in the city, life seemed to carry on as normal. Barrett looked at himself in the mirror and noticed the signs of the ghastly change. As if in a script for a play however, no-one believed him. He was sent away, isolated. Let’s ask ourselves: who is really mad? Who is the stranger? Who is the Vegetable Man?




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