the vegetable man project vol.4


artwork by Marco Galli

mastering & editing Stefano Dragone - Ervetronics

OV004 - cd

Out on November 25th, 2005


syd barrett's vegetable man played by:

01. geloso (italy)
02. satantango (italy)
03. jacopo gobber (italy)
04. danielle lemaire (the netherlands)
05. marsicano sitar experience & pandit lao (brasil+india)
06. der bekannte post-industrielle trompeter (italy)
07. the future kings of england (uk)
08. goad / opendead eye (italy)
09. kevin (sweden)
10. gallery of lore (italy)
11. nonmipiaceilcirco! (italy)
12. miazia (italy)
13. labyrinth whistler (sweden)
14. my god is a fluorescent frog (italy)
kitchen cynics (uk)
16. beat babol (italy)
17. su/si_lab (italy)
18. milanoans (italy)
19. fantasyy factoryy (germany)
20. posthuman tantra (brasil)


To say I had really become Vegetable Man: ten years of rigorous vegetarian diet, a decade of strenuous militancy in defence of animals, so becoming the favourite of every type of fauna, with the blessing of all the varieties of flora. Then all of a sudden my ascent into Leo roared. From the aeons of some distant astral conjunction the metals of Mars were rumbling. One was expecting flesh, the other craved blood; both were shouting for chaos and disorder. Now, after a strict carnivorous phase, the Vegetable Man that was in me was reawakened. More dominant than Leo, more destructive than Mars, having the resemblance of Syd Barrett and thousands of different voices, enclosed in weird discs of chlorophyll.


Donato Zoppo

Sun in Aquarius - gennaio 2005






1. record a NOT-MORE-THEN-4-MINUTES-VERSION of the song (you can find Pink Floyd's version and the lyrics on the web). ANY MUSICAL GENRE is allowed.
2. download and compile from the OVNI site ( the liberatoria SIAE (we need it to register the compilation with the Italian Artists Association).
3. contact Oggetti Volanti Non Identificati at and send a copy of your version on a CD, the liberatoria SIAE, and a short presentation of the band (members, instruments, place of recording, contacts, email, official site...).

The collected versions will be published on the vegetable man project vol.4, and will be distributed by Oggetti Volanti Non Identificati all over the world.

Every band will receive a free copy of the compilation for every member.




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