SYD BARRETT - Painter. Piper. Prisoner.

Following his passing on July 7th 2006, this month.s MOJO Magazine leads an all-star tribute to Syd Barrett, British psychedelia.s golden child. Join Paul Weller, Elton John and Wayne Cramer as they remember and celebrate the life of the torn genius of Pink Floyd.s dark star.

Dylan.s Great Escape!

On the eve of the release of Modern Times, public passion for Bob Dylan is at fever pitch. But near-death, the Dead, self-hatred, the Pope, Martin Scorsese and more . all play their part in MOJO.s salute to the happiest, unlikeliest comeback in rock .n. roll history.

FREE CD! The Roots of Bob Dylan

From bluegrass pioneers to blues kings, from jumping jive queens to jazz giants, from folk heroes to gospel grandees . many of the artists on this fantastic compilation have been personally name-checked in Dylan.s astonishing autobiography, Chronicles, as having shaped and influenced the master himself.

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