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Below is the Track Listing of the other 10 Syd Barrett discs:


Disc #11 - Photo CDRom
This is a CDRom that you can browse from home on your PC as if yuou were on the internet but dont need to be connected to the net! It features many galleries of Syd Barrett photos for your enjoyment.


Disc #12 Omnibus - Crazy Diamond - VCD
This VCD tells the story of early Pink Floyd and Syd Barrett. Well worth having in your collection.


Disc #13 VH1 - Crazy Diamond - VCD
This VCD is similar to the one above but there is extra footage like the American Bandstand performance as well as additional editing of the programme. Well worth having the two of them.


Disc #14 - Pink Floyd - The Story (1994) - VCD This VCD is similar to the one above but there is extra footage like the American Bandstand performance as well as additional editing of the programme. Well worth having the two of them.


Disc #15 - Let's Try It Another Way

  1. Astronomy DomineJohn McKeag
  2. Arnold LayneMark Zampino
  3. Effervescing ElephantSwedish Whistler
  4. Candy & a Currant BunFull Dimensional
  5. Interstellar Vegetable ManDinar Bandosu
  6. Mathilda MotherTony Favazza
  7. FlamingKeith Jordan
  8. RatsJohn Cavanagh
  9. Baby LemonadePitt Reeves
  10. Wined and DinedVertigo Poets
  11. Dark GlobeCartensis
  12. One In A MillionTony Fitzgerald
  13. Gigola Aunt (Live)La Marque Jaune
  14. Golden HairJeremy Winkie
  15. Long GoneThe Cosmic Cult of Damien Youth
  16. No Man's LandST37
  17. Word SongVortis
  18. Long Dark ScarecrowRectoplasm
  19. OpelLuciano Chessa
  20. TerrapinAlan Bishop


Disc #16 - VCD

  1. Syd.s First Trip 1966 11:02
  2. San Francisco movie featuring unique 10/66 Interstellar Overdrive soundtrack 15:53
  3. Scene Special - It's So Far Out It's Straight Down with unique early version of Matilda Mother soundtrack & 1/27/67 Interstellar Overdrive from UFO) 29:41
  4. History of Rock excerpts - merged US and BBC versions 4:10
  5. Peter Whitehead Interview 3:49
  6. Mike Leonard - 3/21/68 Pathe newsreel 2:42
  7. Scarecrow outtakes (silent) 3:24
  8. Nick Mason interview (1995) for the book, "Kaleidoscope Eyes" 47:51


Disc #17 VCD

  1. Interstellar Overdrive & Nick's Boogie from Tonight Lets All Make Love In London Laserdisc 29:49
  2. Arnold Lane promo 2:49
  3. Look of the Week 9:42
  4. Scarecrow promo 2:09
  5. Apples and Oranges with brief interview - American Bandstand 3:24
  6. Tomorrow's World (excerpt) from 12/67 1:52
  7. Jugband Blues promo 3:09
  8. Christmas On Earth Continued 12/22/67 from Joe Cocker promo film (silent) 0:36
  9. Syd Barrett - Lost in the Woods - 1969 home video 1:32
  10. Shine On excerpt - Dave & Rick talk about Syd 1:07
  11. Syd Barrett - Day So Dark So Warm - stalker video 12:48


Disc #18 MP3 CDRom
Syd / Pink Floyd OOPS (Out Of Phase Stereo) Mixes-

-random notes-
It's damn near impossible to assemble the definitive comp of Syd covers, so we didn't try. What we have here is a wide selection of faves and obscuros for every taste. We have the Okey-Pokey Band (first Syd cover EVER) ripping through "See Emily Play" and we have Three To One ripping off the Okey-Pokey band years later. We have a half- accidental live cover from Tangerine Dream. We have Area Code emptying out a half-empty Buffalo dive with "Astronomy Domine." There's a cover of "Echoes," included because... well, they covered *Echoes*...! (There were *two* covers of "Echoes" to choose from, in fact. Count your blessings.) You'll appreciate some, you'll hate some, you'll ignore a lot of them.

Fine. This is the do-it-yourself volume of HYGIY. Take what you like, load it onto your MP3 player, burn your own CD, whatever. Most songs are by Syd. Others are about him. Others are early Floyd. We're not fussy; this is Casual Day.

Here are comments on a few of the songs, when we could think of something to say. More notes can be found in individual folders elsewhere on the disc. Enjoy.

This California band somehow considered Roger Waters to be a kindred spirit; they opened their 1985 album "Panic Station" with this excellent cover of "Point Me At The Sky." Features Arthur Barrow (ex-Zappa) on keyboards. No obvious Syd connection but a fine cover nonetheless.

An early-1980s "real music" band from Buffalo, NY, playing "Astronomy Domine" at the now-defunct McVan's on 4/20/81. McVan's had been the first rock club in the city, premiering such diverse talents as Little Richard, Foreigner (as Black Sheep), Hendrix (pre-Experience), Frank Sinatra, John Cale, the B-52s. At this point it was a punk dive on the skids. This is the last known instance of "Astronomy Domine" being played there.

This isn't quite on the level of Pat Boone covering Little Richard, but only because Syd saw a lot of money from it, enabling him to move to London's fabulous Chelsea Cloisters. I'm glad this exists, and it's too historic to omit, but the track hasn't aged very well. It appeared on "Pinups," Bowie's oldies-remake album of 1973.

It turns out Marianne is old friends with Roger Waters of all people. In 1999, she finally got around to asking if he'd care to donate a song to her new album. He eventually came up with "Incarceration Of A Flower Child," supposedly written in 1968 and his first-ever song about Syd. Both the music and the lyrics suggest he revised it afterward. Rewriting songs about Syd is something of a hobby with him. ;)

America's premier psychedelic band (on a major label anyway), they've been playing the occasional Syd cover for years. The earliest we're aware of is their rendition of "Opel" from 1994. It had been intended for this collection, but they stretch out the coda for eight minutes... that's great if you're already a fan, but it wouldn't win them any new ones. Here they are doing "Lucifer Sam." All well and good, but what you really want is to run out and buy one of their albums. Any album from 1993 onward will do. Go ahead: buy a Flaming Lips album. All things will be revealed unto you. We'll wait right here until you get back.

>From the 1973 "As He Stands" album, this is another of those no-Syd-but-oh-well. Geesin didn't rate Syd at all but he thought highly of Waters, enough to record "To Roger Waters, Wherever You Are." It was too much fun to leave out, so here 'tis.

I can't even remember where this came from. I believe somebody emailed it to me, but it was some time ago. Another fine version of "Lucifer Sam," more laid-back than many (semi- acoustic), but retaining that "Secret Agent Man" feel. He has a track on HYGIY15 as well.

This is the singer from Soft Cell. His "Terrapin" imagines it's Burt Bacharach on Mars. Surprisingly it works--for maybe four minutes. This goes on for 4:18.

>From "Neil's Heavy Concept Album," this version of "The Gnome" is everything one could hope for after having read the liner notes. (I could never get through them, but dig those horns!)

Their "Flower Power" album was the sort of thing you'd see in the bargain bin for $1.99 in the drugstore. A concept album: anonymous session musicians recreate recent chart hits. The liner notes go out of their way to reassure us there really is a place for this sort of album. (Would YOU buy an album whose liner notes are half-apologetic about its very existence?) All kidding aside, it's reasonably well done. This sort of LP would do quite well in countries like Paraguay, where kids couldn't tell the difference. However, this was aimed at the American market, which makes "Emily" a curious selection. (Whoever compiled it may have been connected with Tower Records on some level?) It's notable for being THE very first known cover of a Syd or Pink Floyd song. All the tunes on the LP charted in mid-1967, so this would have been produced a month or two after that.

The problem with assembling a comp like this is that everybody does "Lucifer Sam." Even so, nobody does it like Shockabilly. Nobody ever will. Recorded in 1984, now it belongs to the ages.

"Monolight" (conclusion), from the LP "Encore." Live in North America, March/April 1977. The piece takes up an LP side, and this is the end--after the usual festivites, a piano takes up the main four-chord theme of "Celestial Voices." The band picks it up from there, for a pleasant two or three minutes. They don't get any further than those four chords, but we could count it as a cover version nonetheless. Homage. The liner notes to their first LP ("Electronic Meditation," 1969) mention "Saucerful Of Secrets" as an influence.

What's this??? We thought nobody else even *knew* about the Okey-Pokey Band. We were wrong. Three To One not only copped the same crappy album, they stole... errr, they sampled? they appropriated the Okey-Pokey version of "See Emily Play" and made it their own. (Just barely.)

  1. HYGIY 18 contents:
  2. 360s - Long Gone
  3. Acid Casualties - Point Me At The Sky
  4. Architectural Metaphor - Echoes
  5. Area Code - Astronomy Domine (4/20 1981 McVan's, Buffalo NY)
  6. At The Drive-in - Take Up Thy Stethoscope And Walk
  7. Awaken - Left Alone (Ballad Of Syd Barrett)
  8. Kevin Ayers - Oh! Wot A Dream
  9. David Bowie - See Emily Play (1973)
  10. Chandeen - Apples and Oranges
  11. Changelings - See Emily Play
  12. Cleaners From Venus - Song For Syd Barrett (1984)
  13. Damned - Arnold Layne
  14. Doglegs & Feet - Effervescing Elephant
  15. Eden - Jugband Blues
  16. Electric Hellfire Club - Lucifer Sam
  17. Elevator Through - No Good Trying
  18. Marianne Faithfull - Incarceration of a Flower Child (1968 Waters song about Syd)
  19. Faraday Cage - Set The Controls/Storm
  20. Matthew Fischer - Octopus
  21. Flaming Lips - Lucifer Sam (London 22Jan03)
  22. John Frusciante - Jugband Blues (live Paradiso)
  23. Ron Geesin - To Roger Waters Wherever You Are
  24. Grapes Of Wrath - See Emily Play
  25. Half Japanese - Candy and a Currant Bun
  26. The Iditarod + Drekka, Ring & Peter Scion - Julia Dream
  27. In the Woods - If it's in You
  28. LaMarque Jaune - Lucifer Sam
  29. Jeff the Hobo - Feel
  30. Jesus and Mary Chain - Vegetable Man
  31. Lightning Seeds - Lucifer Sam
  32. Livid - Love Song
  33. Los Planetas - Baby Lemonade
  34. Lost & Profound - Dark Globe
  35. Love & Rockets - Lucifer Sam
  36. Mandra Gora Lightshow Society - Point Me At the Sky
  37. Marc & the Mambas - Terrapin
  38. Mike McInnis - Effervescing Elephant
  39. Melting Euphoria - Point Me At The Sky
  40. Melvins - Interstellar Overdrive
  41. Minimal Compact - Late Night
  42. Moonboy - Matilda Mother
  43. Neil the Hippie - The Gnome
  44. Okey-Pokey Band - See Emily Play (1st Syd cover version, 1967)
  45. Pearl Jam - Interstellar Overdrive
  46. Peter Principle - No Man's Land
  47. Placebo - Dark Globe
  48. Primal Scream - Vanishing Point - Burning Wheel
  49. Quasimojo - Late Night
  50. Replicants - No Good Trying
  51. Ritalin - Scarecrow
  52. Shockabilly - Lucifer Sam (1984)
  53. Skullflower - Golden Hair
  54. Slowdive - Golden Hair
  55. Smashing Pumpkins - Terrapin
  56. Smell of Incense - (Smell Of) Interstellar Overdrive
  57. Soundgarden - Dark Globe
  58. Sprout & The Orange - Set The Controls
  59. St.Hubbins - 9 Miles High - Light Globe (Syd tribute)
  60. Tangerine Dream - Monolight, concl - live Spr77 (Celestial Voices)
  61. This Mortal Coil - Late Night
  62. Three To One - See Emily Play
  63. Wellwater Conspiracy - Lucy Leave
  64. Widespread Panic - Astronomy Domine Jam (incomplete)
  65. Wondermints - Arnold Layne
  66. Worms - A Tribute to Syd


  67. Interstellar Overdrive (1986)
  68. Interstellar Overdrive (1986 outtake)
  69. Interstellar Overdrive--> Porpoise Mouth (Davis, CA 10Jun87)


  70. Dominoes - 18Jan02
  71. Terrapin - 22Jun01


  72. Let's Split
  73. Let's Split (live Austin 1992)


  74. Love You (unknown show)
  75. Love You (10May91 3rd gen sbrd)


  76. A Star Too Far (A Lullaby for Syd Barrett)
  77. A Star Too Far (1994, Space Daze compilation)
  78. Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun


  79. Dark Globe
  80. Dark Globe (live in Italy)


  81. Nile Song
  82. Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun


  83. Astronomy Domine (Mar80 London "Two Halves")
  84. Vegetable Man (Maxwell's, Hoboken NJ, 06Sep80)
  85. Astronomy Domine (Maxwell's, Hoboken NJ, 06Sep80)
  86. Gigolo Aunt (live 1980)
  87. Vegetable Man (studio)


  88. 1974
  89. Arnold Layne
  90. Chapter 24 (live)
  91. Dark Globe (live)
  92. Dominoes 1
  93. Dominoes 2
  94. Long Gone
  95. Surgery
  96. The Man Who Invented Himself (1981 mix with horns)
  97. Wolfpack


  98. Interstellar Overdrive
  99. Interstellar Overdrive (Boulder, CO 30Jul95)


  100. Bike (live)
  101. I Know Where Syd Barrett Lives (live)
  102. I Know Where Syd Barrett Lives (original)
  103. I Know Where Syd Barrett Lives
  104. Matilda Mother (live)
  105. Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun


  106. Lucifer Sam
  107. Afterinbetweentime (fanclub flexidisc, first release as 3 O'Clock)


  108. Lucifer Sam
  109. maS reficuL (rare 1983 single, 500 made)


  110. Psychedelic Punkaroo
  111. Psychedelic Punkaroo (live w/Plasticland, 22Oct88 Chicago)
  112. You Reached For The Stars


  113. Astronomy Domine
  114. Astronomy Domine (Stockholm 14Oct99)
  115. The Nile Song


Disc #10 Apocrypha (length -- 79:51)

Most of these are credited to Syd or Pink Floyd, although if they were REALLY Syd or PF they wouldn't be here. Common sense dictated it was easier to list them as you see them than to put quotation marks around every other word. When in doubt, consult the Liner Notes--SHN copies of this disc come with nine pages of twisted tales, explanations and debunkings.

  1. Twink - Enter The Diamonds 2:05
  2. Pink Floyd - Astronomy Domine Demo 4:03
  3. Sun Ra, Keith Moon & Syd - Stonehenge '69 Solstice Jam 4:42
  4. The Beatles - The Candle Burns (Peace Of Mind) 3:13
  5. Syd Barrett - Susan's Lungs 0:49
  6. The Beatles - Pink Litmus Paper Shirt 0:39
  7. Pink Floyd - Julia Dream Demo 3:04
  8. Syd Barrett - Interstellar Overdrive Demo 6:24
  9. Syd Barrett - Bob Dylan's Blues Demo 2:00
  10. Syd w/The Beatles - What's The New Mary Jane 3:13
  11. Syd Barrett - Milky Way (alternate mix) 3:04
  12. Syd Barrett - Cinnamon Toast 3:41
  13. Pink Floyd - See Emily Play (Top of the Pops 7/67) 2:45
  14. Pink Floyd - Piggy Back Demo (edit) 2:38
  15. Syd Barrett - Chooka Chooka Chug Chug 0:35
  16. Syd w/Kevin Ayers - "Oh Is That...Is That Ummmm" 0:13
  17. Syd w/Soft Machine - Esther's Nose Job edit (live 3Feb70) 5:35
  18. Pink Floyd - Scream Thy Last Scream, mono mix 6:02
  19. Pink Floyd - Vegetable Man, mono mix 2:36
  20. Syd Barrett - Last Ever Recording Session 1975 1:10
  21. Pink Floyd - Take Up Thy Stethoscope Demo 3:00
  22. Pink Floyd - Stanley The Simpleton 1:12
  23. Syd w/Steve Took - Molecular Lucky Charm (edit) 5:30
  24. Syd w/Steve Took - Syd's Wine (edit) 4:30
  25. Pink Floyd w/Hawkwind (BBC) - Heckty Skies (edit) 7:06
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