The now defunct TAP published an incredibly handy reference guide in segments through its last issues. Unfortunately, I do not own many TAP back issues, but I will endeavor to do the best I can with those that I do own.
Perhaps some kind person with the missing issues will fill in the gaps (mail them to

From TAP #49:

A Collection Of Great Dance Songs (An A-Z of Pink Floyd Songs)

Remember A Day (Wright) : From 'A Saucerful Of Secrets', sung by the author. There is evidence to indicate that this track was originally recorded (under the title 'Sunshine' [qv]) for inclusion on 'The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn'. The track was also released as a single in the US backed by 'Let There Be More Light'. The Japanese reversed this pairing for their single release.
Reopening (Waters) : Generic title applied to 'Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun' on the bootleg 'The Early Tours'.

Return Of The Son Of Nothing (Waters, Wright, Mason, Gilmour) : An alternative tag for 'Echoes' [qv] as performed in the spring of '71.
Richard's Rave Up (Wright) : An unreleased track recorded in February 1968. It is possible that this is a working title for a track on 'A Saucerful of Secrets', but more plausibly an instrumental later incorporated into the title song on that album.
Round And Around (Gilmour) : An instrumental from 'A Momentary Lapse Of Reason' and 'Delicate Sound Of Thunder'. At just over 30 seconds, the live version is the shortest track ever released by Pink Floyd.

Run Like Hell (Gilmour, Waters) : From 'The Wall', sung by the authors. Performed live on both 'The Wall' tours, it was resurrected for Gilmour's '84 jaunt, his appearance at the Columbian Volcano benefit (see Miles) and the Floyd's ;87-'89 trek. The latter yielded the different live versions that appear on 'Delicate Sound Of Thunder' and the 'On The Turning Away' singles; both of which feature vocals by Gilmour and Guy Pratt. The song appeared in its own right as a single in the US and Europe (backed by 'Don't Leave Me Now') and on various promo releases (such as the 'Delicate Sound...' 12" [see TAP 35]). Like 'Comfortably Numb', the music came from a demo recorded around the time of Gilmour's first solo album. The track became the finale of Floyd's set at Knebworth '90 and is to be found on the album and video (volume 3) of the event. Roger Waters has (so far) had the last say by releasing an appalling 'Potsdamer Mix' of the track on the CD and 12" of his 'Another Brick In The Wall pt 2' single.

Rush In A Million (Barrett) : An alternative title for the early live piece 'One In A Million' [qv]. The mistake is caused by Roger's introduction of the piece at the Star Club Copenhagen 13/9/67 when he laughed making 'one' sound like 'rush'.

San Tropez (Waters) : From 'Meddle', sung by the author.
Saucerful of Secrets, A (Waters, Wright, Mason, Gilmour) : The title track of Floyd's second album. As there is no record of the piece having been recorded, 'Saucerful...' would appear to be a compilation of various instrumentals - such as 'Richard's Rave Up' [qv] - recorded in early '68. This seems to be backed-up by Roger Waters' claim that they were given the last twelve minutes of the album to do with as they pleased. Its earliest confirmed appearance is on the BBC session of 25/6/68 under the title 'Massed Gadgets of Hercules' [qv] [see TAP 39]. The piece became a mainstay of the Floyd's live set, performances varying from under ten to over twenty minutes. Having appeared on "Ummagumma' (where it was divided into four, titled parts: a) Something Else, b) Syncopated Pandemonium, c) Storm Signal and d) Celestial Voices [see TAP 46]) and in the film 'Live At Pompeii', the song was eventually retired on the US tour of Autumn '72. The 'Celestial Voices' section was also performed as the final part of 'The Journey' [qv], titles 'The End Of The Beginning' [qv] [see TAP 39].
Scarecrow, The (Barrett) : From 'The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn', sung by the author. The track first appeared as the B-side of the 'See Emily Play' single and subsequently reappeared on 'Masters of Rock'. For some reason Pathe News chose, in 1967, to show a film clip of the Floyd messing about in fields to the accompaniment of this track.
Scream Thy Last Scream (Barrett) : The proposed (but later scrapped) third Floyd single, sung by Syd Barrett. This track was recorded by the band in August 1967 shortly after it was announced as a possible follow up to 'See Emily Play'. The public were given the chance to hear this classic as it was part of the Floyd's live set in '67 and was also performed as part of a BBC session in December of that year [see TAP 39]. It has also been listed as 'Scream Thy Last Scream Old Woman with a Casket' and the slightly shorter 'Old Woman with a Casket' [qv].
Seabirds (Waters) : A song, recorded by the group for inclusion in the film 'More', sung by the author. It was subsequently omitted from the soundtrack album but can be heard in the background of the film during a party scene. The sheet music and lyrics for the piece did appear in 'The Pink Floyd Song Book' published by Lupus Music Co. Ltd. in 1976.
Seamus (Waters, Wright, Mason, Gilmour) : From 'Meddle', sung by Dave Gilmour. In the early 70's, the Floyd occasionally recorded country and western pastiches for their own amusement; 'Seamus' was presumably the product of one such session. The track was used as the B-side of the Japanese 'One Of These Days' single.

Second Cud(uncredited) : Alternative title applied to Floyd's live blues workout on the 'Pictures of Pink Floyd Volume 1' bootleg.

See Emily Play (Barrett) : Pink Floyd's second - and, until 'Another Brick In The Wall part 2', most successful - UK single; reaching the Top 5 in Britain and the Top 40 in the USA. Sung by the author, it was subsequently included on 'Relics', 'Masters of Rock', 'Works', and the US and Japanese releases of 'The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn'. Andrew King explained the idea behind the song: "The Games for May concert was in two parts: there was a Floyd set and a number of individual efforts. I think the individual efforts came in the first half. They were basically pre-recorded tapes; Roger and Rick got some together, but no-one else did really because Syd was in the middle of writing 'See Emily Play' which was like a theme song for that show - 'Games for May' comes in the lyric. The released version was lyrically altered a bit, but it was basically the same song."
Gary Brooker of Procol Harum was played the song as part of a 'Blind Date' singles review: "The Pink Floyd - I can tell by the horrible organ sound. It's much better than 'Arnold Layne'." A different version of the song had to be recorded for the Floyd's 'Top of the Pops' appearance - a performance that has allegedly been wiped from the BBC archives. The surviving promo (with Gilmour instead of Barrett) can be found on the Rock'n'Roll: The Greatest Years - 1967' video [see review TAP 34]. David Bowie, who included a disastrous version of the song on his 'Pin-Ups' album, commented: "Pink Floyd got a hit, and for a few months they were moderately overground. And Syd just didn't want any part of that, so he opted out. And I understood why. I thought "Yeah, right, they're being accepted: nobody wants that' (ironic laughter)."

From TAP #54:

A Collection Of Great Dance Songs (The Tracks That TAP Forgot)
Acoustic Pig (Waters) : Another bootleg listing for 'Acoustic Dog' [qv] / 'Pigs on the Wing' [qv].

Alan's Psychedelic Breakfast (Waters, Mason, Gilmour, Wright) : The sound effects were recorded in Nick Mason's kitchen.

Almost Gone (Waters) : Erroneous naming of the instrumental reprise to 'Another Brick... pt 3' on two bootlegs of 'The Wall' live.

Another Brick in the Wall pt 2 (Waters) : Russian flexi backed with 'The Trial'

Any Colour You Like (Gilmour, Mason, Wright) : A b-side in various territories that released 'Money' as a single. 'Any Colour' is incorrectly listed in the 'Dark Side' guitar tablature book as 'Breathe (Second Reprise)' [qv].

Arnold Layne (Barrett) : The b-side of 'Point Me At The Sky' in Japan and of 'If' in Holland.

Biding My Time (Waters) : Roger played trumpet on the recording as he did at gigs (reckons Dave W.)

Big Theme (Gilmour) : An instrumental from the 'La Carrera Panamericana' film.

Bitter Love (Waters) : An alternative title for 'How Do You Feel' [qv] or a joke by Laughing Rog because 'How Do You Feel' was inspired by a bitter lemon drink, Gini.

Blues Improvisation (uncredited) : Title applied to a blues instrumental on the 'Live In Denimark [sic] 1971' bootleg.

Blues Jam (uncredited) : Titles applied to a blues instrumental on one of the 'Embryo' bootlegs.

Breathe In The Air (Waters, Gilmour, Wright) : The full title of 'Breathe' [qv] as listed on the album label and CD of 'DSotM'. These also suggest the song is part two of 'Speak To Me' [qv].

Breathe (Second Reprise) (Gilmour, Mason, Wright) : Title given to 'Any Colour You Like' [qv] in the 'DSotM' guitar tablature book. The genuine 'Breathe (Reprise)' was added to the performances of 'Breathe...' on the KAOS tour.

Brush Your Window : (uncredited) A bootlegger's title for 'One In A Million' / 'Rush In A Million'[qv].

Careful With That Axe, Eugene (Waters, Wright, Gilmour, Mason) : The b-side of 'Point Me At The Sky' in Italy. An early version of the piece was used for the soundtrack of 'The Committee' [qv].

Carrera Slow Blues (Gilmour, Mason, Wright) An instrumental from the 'La Carrera Panamericana' film.

Childhood's End (Gilmour) : The last Floyd song with lyrics not by Waters until 'A Momentary Lapse'.

Come On Big Bum (Gilmour, Waters) : Title given to 'Comfortably Numb' on set-lists for Gilmour's 1984 tour.

Committee, The (Pink Floyd) : Music written for the film 'The Committee', consisting of a series of instrumental segments and an early version of 'Careful With That Axe, Eugene'. Bootlegs of this material are lifted from the film soundtrack and thus also include dialogue.

Country Theme (Gilmour) : An instrumental from the 'La Carrera Panamericana' film.

Cymbaline (Waters) : Sung by the author on the longer version used in the 'More' film. This version has different lyrics. Death of Sisco, The (Waters) : A song dropped from 'The Wall' at Bob Ezrin's insistence. 'Sisco' may have been a journalist's typographical error (see Newsweek feature, TAP 46). The word in question may plausibly be either 'Disco' or 'Cisco'; 'The Cisco Kid' being the hero of a series of Westerns from 1929-1950 (and thus a possible cultural reference point a la 'Shane' in 'Pros and Cons').

Divisions (Wright) : Title of 'The Violent Sequence' [qv] on the 'Water's Gate' bootleg label.

The Doctor (uncredited) : An alternative title ('Comfortably Numb'?) or unreleased track from 'The Wall' sessions.

Dogs (Waters, Gilmour) : The lead vocals are shared by the authors.

Dramatic Theme (Waters, Wright, Gilmour, Mason) : CD credit omits Gilmour and Mason.

Eclipsed (Pink Floyd) : We no longer believe this to be a correct title (see TAP 41 and Q&A, TAP 50), but would love to hear from anyone who can prove otherwise. - Eds.

Education (uncredited) : An alternative title ('Another Brick in the Wall pt 2' ?) or unreleased track from 'The Wall' sessions.

Electric Mind (Waters) : Title applied to 'Embryo' on the bootleg 'Big Pink'.

Eugene Axe (Waters, Wright, Gilmour, Mason) : Title of 'Careful With That Axe...' on the 'Water's Gate' bootleg label.

Fearless (Waters, Gilmour) : The b-side of 'One Of These Days' in the US and Italy.

Flaming (Barrett) : Sung live by Roger Waters in the 60s.

Free Four (Waters) : Single in Italy (b/w 'The Gold It's in the...'), the US (b/w 'Stay') and Japan (b/w 'Absolutely Curtains')

Get Your Filthy Hands Off My Desert (Waters) : Performed on the KAOS tour, not just the '85 'Pros and Cons' jaunt.

Gnome, The (Barrett) : B-side of the US 'Flaming' single.

Goodbye Blue Sky (Waters) : Argentinean promo 7" (backed with 'Another Brick in the Wall 2').

The Gunner's Dream (Waters) : On 'Pink Floyd Hits' (the Brazilian 'A Collection Of Great Dance Songs') in place of 'One Of These Days'.

Have A Cigar (Waters) : A single in the US, Japan, Italy and France.

Have You Got It Yet ? (Barrett) : Manic track invented to confuse the rest of the group (see Miles).

Hero's Return, The (Waters) : This also appears on the b-side of 'Not Now John', as well as part two.

Household Objects (uncredited) : Unreleased recordings using household implements. A section using wine glasses can be heard at the beginning of 'Shine On You Crazy Diamond'.

I Am Quite Comfortable (Gilmour, Waters) : Title of 'Comfortably Numb' on an untitled bootleg of 'The Wall'.

If (Waters) : Single in the USA (b/w 'Fat Old Sun') and Holland (b/w 'Arnold Layne').

Improvisation (Waters) : Generic title for 'Sheep' on the 'A Mysterie Called Floyd' bootleg.

Improvisation (uncredited) : Generic title for 'Fingal's Cave' on the 'Around The Mystic' bootleg (see TAPs 48 and 49).

In G (uncredited) : Alternative title for 'Reaction In G' [qv].

Instrumental (uncredited) : The 'Mystery Tracks' bootleg uses this title for both 'Reaction In G' and 'One In A Million' [qv].

Inter Over (Barrett, Waters, Wright, Mason) : Title of 'Interstellar Overdrive' on the 'Big Pink' bootleg.

Interstellar Overdrive (Barrett, Waters, Wright, Mason) : The version intended for 'Ummagumma' was pressed onto acetates and given to band members and friends. John Peel had a copy which he loved until it was stolen. Another version appears on a French EP.

Intro (uncredited) : Generic title of the opening piece in the 'Live at Pompeii' film - which is different from that on the two video re-releases. It has no official title but is clearly from the 'DSotM' sessions, as is the video intro.

Is Anybody Out There ? (Waters) : The dialogue on this track is from an episode of the US western 'Gunsmoke', called 'Fandango', viz:
David Gilmour alleges that Bob Ezrin wrote part of this track.

It's Green (Waters) : Title of 'Green is the Colour' on the label of the 'Water's Gate' bootleg.

It Would Be So Nice (Wright) : Appears on the 'Masters of Rock' LP.

Jugband Blues (Barrett) : Exists in three official versions: the familiar UK stereo; the UK mono (on which the middle section has slightly more guitar and no vocals over the brass band); and the stereo mix from the Canadian 'A Nice Pair'.

Jupiter's Eye (uncredited) : An apparently unique instrumental from the 'Around the Mystic' bootleg.

Just Another 12 Bar (uncredited) : A live blues recorded in 1970 for the ill-fated 'Live in Montreux' album (see TAP 6 of Best of 6-10).

Learning To Fly (Gilmour) : Believed to exist in an unreleased, alternative version with robotic vocals and acoustic guitar.

Look At My Heart, Mother (Mason, Gilmour, Waters, Wright, Geesin) : Title of 'Atom Heart Mother' on the label of the 'Water's Gate' bootleg.

Main Theme (Waters, Wright, Gilmour, Mason) : The CD writing credit omits Mason.

Matilda Mother (Barrett) : The lead vocals are shared by Wright and Barrett.

Mexico '78 (Gilmour) : An instrumental from the 'La Carrera Panamericana' film.

Money (Waters) : Not "their biggest US chart hit" (TAP 45). Seven years after 'Money' made #13, 'Another Brick 2' reached #1. 'Money' also appeared on an Iranian EP with songs by Led Zep and Chicago.

Nile Song, The (Waters) : Single in France (backed with 'Ibiza Bar'), Japan (B/w 'Main Theme') and New Zealand (b-side unknown).

One Of These Days (Waters, Wright, Mason, Gilmour) : A single in Japan (b/w 'Seamus').

On The Turning Away (Gilmour, Moore) : Believed to exist in an unreleased, alternative version with "slightly different words and ghastly singing".

Opening Tune (uncredited) : Title given by bootleggers to 'Stoned Alone' [qv] and 'Instrumental' [qv].

Overture (uncredited) : Piece (a la the reprise on 'Another Brick s' live?) recorded for, but omitted from, 'The Wall' movie.

Overture for Comfortably Numb (uncredited) : An alternative title or unreleased track from 'The Wall' sessions.

Pan Am Shuffle (Gilmour) : An instrumental featured twice in the 'La Carrera Panamericana' film.

Pigs (Three Different Ones) (Waters) : On a 33rpm, Brazilian (CBS) promo 7".

Pink (uncredited) : An unreleased, early live piece.

Power Touch (Barrett, Waters, Wright, Mason) : Bootlegger's title for 'Pow R Toc H'.

Prophet (uncredited) : An alternative title or unreleased track from 'The Wall' sessions.

Round And Around (Gilmour) : Believed to exist in an unreleased longer version (about five minutes).

Run Like Hell (Gilmour, Waters) : Reissued on a CBS 3" CD in 1989, coupled with 'Comfortably Numb'.

Run Like Fuck (Gilmour, Waters) : A title given to 'Run Like Hell' by Waters at a performance of The Wall.

Run Very Fast (Gilmour, Waters) : Alternative title for 'Run Like Hell' on an untitled bootleg of 'The Wall'.

Small Theme (Gilmour) : An instrumental from the 'La Carrera Panamericana' film.

Sorrow (Gilmour) : Believed to exist as an unreleased instrumental.

Synth Theme (uncredited) : An alternative title or unreleased track from 'The Wall' sessions.

Time (Mason, Waters, Wright, Gilmour) : Russian flexi (with 'Money', 'On The Run' and a Russian song) and French promo 7" (backed with 'Breathe'). The term "quiet desperation" is from Henry David Thoreau's 'Walden, Or Life in the Woods', "his 1854 account of... living off the land as nature intended" (the original line being "The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation").

Us and Them (Waters, Wright) : Also appears on a Russian flexi with 'Shine On' and two Russian tracks.

Variation (Wright) : An early 'The Great Gig In The Sky' on the 'Beyond The Stars', 'Dark Side of the Moon' and 'Coming of Kahoutek' bootlegs (all: Rainbow 17/2/72).

From TAP #56:

A Collection Of Great Dance Songs (An A-Z of Solo Tracks)
Against The Odds (Wright) : From 'Wet Dream'.
Ain't No Sunshine (Bill Withers) : Performed at soundchecks on David Gilmour's 'About Face' tour.

All Lovers Are Deranged (Gilmour, Townshend) : From 'About Face', sung by Gilmour. A US 12" promo single couples this with 'Blue Light'.
American Bomber, The(Waters) : An instrumental from 'When The Wind Blows'. The Russian Missile [qv] and The British Submarine [qv] use the same theme.

Anderson Shelter, The (Waters) : An instrumental from 'When The Wind Blows'.

And The Address (Mason, Fenn) : An instrumental from 'Profiles' and the b-side for 'Lie For A Lie'.

4.30 AM (Apparently They Were Travelling Abroad) (Waters) : From 'The Pros and Cons of Hitch Hiking' and the b-side of the 'Pros and Cons' single.
4.37 AM (Arabs With Knives and West German Skies) (Waters) : From 'The Pros and Cons of Hitch Hiking'.
Attack, The (Waters) : An instrumental from 'When The Wind Blows'.
At the End of the Day (Mason, Fenn) : An instrumental from 'Profiles'.
Baby Lemonade (Barrett) : From 'Barrett', the Peel Sessions EP and French promo LP 'A Good Harvest'. It was also played for a Radio One 'Sounds of the Seventies' session, broadcast February 1971, with 'Dominoes', 'Terrapin' and 'Love Song'. The name 'Baby Lemonade' was subsequently adopted by a "Glasgow buzzsaw guitar outfit"

Birdie Hop (Barrett) : From 'Opel'. The title is rumoured to refer to UFO co-founder John 'Hoppy' Hopkins.

Black Ice (Mason, Fenn) : An instrumental from 'Profiles'.
Blue Light (Gilmour) : From 'About Face'. Also released as a single, with no success. A US single couples instrumental and vocal remixes of the track, by Francois Kervorkian, who later worked with Depeche Mode and Kraftwerk among others (see DG interview, TAP 15).
Bob Dylan Blues (Barrett) : An unreleased song recorded in 1970. The lyrics boast: "I've got the Bob Dylan Blues / I've got the Bob Dylan Blues / My hair and my hat's in a mess / but I don't give a damn about that."

Body Transport (Waters, Geesin) : Epic silliness from 'The Body'.

Boo To You Too (Carla Bley) : From 'Fictitious Sports' sung by Robert Wyatt and chorus.
Boom Tune (Barrett) : It has been speculated that this may be an alternative title for 'Here I Go' [qv], in view of the latter's line, "What a boom this tune".
Breathe (Waters) : From 'The Body' and the 'Harvest Sweeties' promo album. The song may have inspired the track of the same name on 'Dark Side Of The Moon'.

British Submarine, The (Waters) : An instrumental from 'When The Wind Blows'.

By Touching (Wright, Harris) : From 'Identity', sung by Dave Harris.
Can't Get My Motor To Start (Bley) : From 'Fictitious Sports' sung by Karen Kraft with spoken contributions from the band and guests.
Cat Cruise (Wright) : An instrumental from 'Wet Dream'.

Chain Of Life (Waters) : From 'The Body'.

Clowns And Jugglers (Barrett) : An alternative version of 'Octopus' [qv] from 'Opel'.
Confusion (Wright, Harris) : From 'Identity', sung by Dave Harris. Released as a single, with an extended mix on the 12", but without any commercial success, so a planned video for the song was scrapped.

Cruise (Gilmour) : From 'About Face' and the b-side of the UK 'Blue Light' single.
Cry From The Street (Gilmour, E. Stuart) : From 'David Gilmour', sung by Dave.

Cuts Like A Diamond (Wright, Harris) : From 'Identity', sung by Dave Harris.

Dark Globe (Barrett) : From 'The Madcap Laughs'. Another version, titled 'Wouldn't You Miss Me' [qv], appears on 'Opel'... and Roger Waters sings it in the bath. Malcolm Jones: "I always liked this one, actually."
Deafinitely(Gilmour) : An instrumental from 'David Gilmour' and the b-side of the 'There's No Way Out Of Here' single. The US CD inexplicably adds "It's" to the title. The song also appears on a four-track promo sampler for the 'David Gilmour' LP, along with "Mihalis', 'Short And Sweet' and 'So Far Away'.

Deep In The Blues (uncredited) : Instrumental performed by Gilmour at the 1984 Guitar Greats show. A song of this title has been recorded by Count Basie; further details welcome!

Dolly Rocker (Barrett) : From 'Opel'.

Dominoes (Barrett) : From 'Barrett'.
Do Ya? (Bley) : From 'Fictitious Sports', sung by Robert Wyatt.
Drop In From The Top (Wright) : An instrumental from 'Wet Dream'.
4.58 AM (Dunroamin, Duncarin, Dunlivin) (Waters) : From 'The Pros and Cons of Hitch Hiking'. The song briefly uses the chord sequence from 'In The Flesh'...
Effervescent Elephant (Barrett) : An alternative title for... Effervescing Elephant (Barrett) : From 'Barrett' and the Peel Sessions EP. Apparently one of the first songs Syd wrote, it was played at his appearance with Gilmour and Jerry Shirley at Olympia on June 6 1970; a set that also included Terrapin, Gigolo Aunt and Octopus.
5.06 AM (Every Stranger's Eyes) (Waters) : From 'The Pros and Cons of Hitch Hiking'. Released (and, apparently, simultaneously deleted) as a single, the song later enjoyed more prolonged exposure on the KAOS tour. Cherry Vanilla, the song's "waitress" (and the hitch-hiker on 'Apparently They Were Travelling Abroad' [qv], is a self-styled 'rock chick' who has previously worked with Andy Warhol, Bowie and Vangelis, releasing two LPs of her own in the late 70s, on RCA.

Eyes Of A Gypsy(Harris) : From the 'Identity' tape, the b-side of the 'Confusion' [qv] and, in a dub edit, the 12" edition of the latter.
Fallout, The (Waters) : An instrumental from 'When The Wind Blows'.

Feel (Barrett) : From 'The Madcap Laughs'.
Folded Flags (Waters) : From 'When The Wind Blows', sung by the author and Clare Torry.
4.56 AM (For The First Time Today 1) (Waters) : From 'The Pros and Cons of Hitch Hiking', sung by the author and Madeline Bell.

4.39 AM (For The First Time Today 2) (Waters) : From 'The Pros and Cons of Hitch Hiking'. The two halves appear on the b-side of 'Every Stranger's Eyes', in correct numerical order.

Four Minutes (Waters) : From 'Radio KAOS', sung by the author and Clare Torry.
Funky Deux (Wright) : An instrumental from 'Wet Dream'.

Get Back To Radio (Waters) : The b-side of the original 'The Tide Is Turning' single.
Gigolo Aunt (Barrett) : From 'Barrett' and the Peel Sessions EP. Gilmour: "We had baed 'Wouldn't You Miss Me' [qv], appears on 'Opel'... and Roger Waters sings it in the bath.
Give Birth To A Smile (Waters) : From 'The Body'; the only entry in this A-Z on which more than three members of the Floyd appear. It also featured Roger's first significant use of female background singers.

4.50 AM (Go Fishing) (Waters) : From 'The Pros and Cons of Hitch Hiking'.

Going To Live In LA (Waters) : The b-side of 'Radio Waves'. Played on the KAOS tour and once considered for inclusion on 'Amused To Death'.
Golden Hair (Barrett, James Joyce) : From 'The Madcap Laughs', 'Opel' and the b-side of the 'Octopus' single. The latter also includes an instrumental version of the song.
Here I Go (Barrett) : From 'The Madcap Laughs'.
Hilda's Dream(Waters) : An instrumental from 'When The Wind Blows'.

Hilda's Hair (Waters) : An instrumental from 'When The Wind Blows'.
Holiday (Wright) : From 'Wet Dream'.

Home (Waters) : From 'Radio KAOS'.
Hope (Gilmour, Harper) : From Harper's 'Whatever Happened to Jugula' album (Gilmour is only credited on the CD version). The music is based on a song co-written by Pete Townshend and Gilmour for 'About Face', which was eventually released as the title track of Pete's 'White City' [qv] project. Unlike 'Hope', 'White City' features Gilmour on guitar, although the former does have a creditable DG impersonation by Roy Harper's son!

Hot River (Bley) : From 'Fictitious Sports', sung by Robert Wyatt and Karen Kraft. A clear-vinyl promo 12" couples this with 'Can't Get My Motor To Start'.
How Do You Do It (Wright, Harris) : From 'Identity', sung by Dave Harris.

I Can't Breathe Anymore (Gilmour) : From 'David Gilmour'. The song was performed at London's Roxy for a 1978 CBS promo video, along with 'There's No Way Out Of Here', 'So Far Away' and 'No Way' (see Q&A, TAP 50).

I'm a Mineralist (Bley) : From 'Fictitious Sports', sung by Robert Wyatt.

I Was Wrong (Bley) : From 'Fictitious Sports', sung by Robert Wyatt.
If It's In You (Barrett) : From 'The Madcap Laughs'.

Israel (Fenn, Peyronel) : From 'Profiles', sung by Danny Peyronel.
It Is Obvious (Barrett) : From 'Barrett'.
Just Before You Disappear (Barrett) : From the Barrett bootleg 'Melk Weg' (Milky Way). Anyone know what it is? [A careful review of the RoIO database's entry for 'Melk Weg' has failed to turn up this title - so perhaps it's even more mysterious than I'd initially suspected! - SF]

Lafayette Railroad (Little Feat) : A favourite of Gilmour's, which he apparently often performs at soundchecks.

Lanky (Part One) (Barrett) : An instrumental from 'Opel'.
Lanky (Part Two) (Barrett) : The unreleased continuation of the above, consisting of a seven-minute drum track.

Late Night (Barrett) : From 'The Madcap Laughs'.
Let's Get Metaphysical (Gilmour) : An instrumental from 'About Face' and the b-side of the UK 'Love on the Air' single.
Metaphysics ("That which comes after physics") is the branch of philosophy whose object is to determine the real, or true, nature of things, although the title itself refers to 'Physical' by Olivia Newton John, for whom Gilmour was often mistaken. [Eh ? What ? - SF]
Let's Split (Barrett) : From 'Opel'.

Lie For A Lie (Mason, Fenn, Peyronel) : From 'Profiles', sung by Dave Gilmour and Maggie Reilly. Released as a single with an extended 12" mix.
Living Alone (Barrett) : An unreleased song recorded in 1970. The tape is believed to be owned by Gilmour (as is 'Bob Dylan Blues').

Long Gone (Barrett) : From 'The Madcap Laughs'.

Love On The Air (Gilmour, Townshend) : From 'About Face', sung by Gilmour. It was also released as a single and played at the Deep End gigs.
Love Song (Barrett) : From 'Barrett'.

Love You (Barrett) : From 'The Madcap Laughs' and the Harvest retrospective, 'Art School Dancing: The Harvest Story Volume 1'.
Mad Yannis Dance (Wright) : An instrumental from 'Wet Dream'.
Maisie (Barrett) : From 'Barrett'. The title may have been inspired by either the series of 'Maisie' films from the 30s and 40s, or the 'Perishers' cartoon strip!

Malta (Mason, Fenn) : An instrumental from 'Profiles'.

From TAP #57:

A Collection Of Great Dance Songs (An A-Z of Solo Tracks)

Mediterranean C (Wright) : An instrumental from 'Wet Dream'. The title, of course, is a dreadful pun on "Mediterranean Sea".

Me Or Him (Waters) : From Radio KAOS.
Mihalis (Gilmour) : Instrumental from 'David Gilmour'.
Milky Way (Barrett) : From 'Opel'.
Molly's Song (Waters) : From the 'KAOS' project; sung live by Doreen Chanter. At one point mooted for inclusion on 'Amused To Death', it has so far only appeared on the b-side of the 'Who Needs Information' US single (Details welcome - Eds).

5.11 AM (Moment of Clarity, The) (Waters) : From 'The Pros and Cons of Hitch Hiking'.
Mumbo Jumbo (Mason, Fenn) : An instrumental from 'Profiles' and the 'Lie For A Lie' 12" single.

Murder (Gilmour) : From 'About Face'. Performed at the Guitar Greats show in 1984.
Near The End (Gilmour) : From 'About Face' and the b-side of the US 'Love on the Air' single.
No Good Trying (Barrett) : From 'The Madcap Laughs'.
No Man's Land (Barrett) : From 'The Madcap Laughs'.

No Way (Gilmour) : From 'David Gilmour'. Yes way!

Octopus (Barrett) : From 'The Madcap Laughs' and released as a single (just before the album), in December '69. The song also appears on the 'Harvest Sweeties' promo LP and an earlier version, entitled 'Clowns And Jugglers' [qv], appears on 'Opel'.

Old Faces (Gilmour, Roy Harper) : From Roy's 'The Unknown Soldier' LP. Guitar on the track, which is very reminiscent of 'More', could be Dave.

Opel (Barrett) : From 'Opel'.
Our Song (Waters, Geesin) : From 'The Body', rendered by the authors.

Out Of The Blue (Gilmour) : From 'About Face'. Performed on the 'About Face' tour, the song also featured in Gilmour's set at the 1986 Columbian Earthquake gig.
Peter Gunn (Henry Mancini) : Performed at soundchecks on Dave Gilmour's 'About Face' tour.

Pink's Song (Wright, Juliette Wright) : From 'Wet Dream', sung by Rick. The track is about neither Syd nor Floyd, but a tutor of Rick's children. [That's why it's called "Pink's Song", eh? - SF] The lyrics are by Rick's wife Juliette who, as Juliette Gale, sang with Floyd forerunners the Abdabs/Sigma 6.

Playing Games (Gilmour, Roy Harper) : From Roy's 'The Unknown Soldier' LP. The track features slide guitar which may or may not be Mr. Gilmour's work.

Powers That Be (Waters) : From 'Radio KAOS', sung by the author and Paul Carrack.
Private Person (Wright, Harris) : From 'Identity', sung by Dave Harris.
Profiles 1-3 (Mason, Fenn) : Three instrumentals, on which the score for the 'Life Could Be A Dream' film was based, from 'Profiles'.
5.01 AM (Pros and Cons of Hitch Hiking, The) (Waters) : From 'The Pros and Cons of Hitch Hiking'. Released as a single, it "died a horrible death", although Waters did consider a remixed version to coincide with his second Hitch Hike around the US in 1985.
Radio Waves (Waters) : The first single from 'Radio KAOS'. The edited, 7" version and an extended remix both appear on the 12" and CD singles. The track also appears on the 'Radio KAOS' video EP, with 'Sunset Strip', 'Four Minutes' and 'The Tide Is Turning'. This version is slightly different to the promo video for the single.
Raise My Rent (Gilmour) : An instrumental from 'David Gilmour'.
Rats (Barrett) : From 'Barrett'.
4.47 AM (Remains of Our Love, The) (Waters) : From 'The Pros and Cons of Hitch Hiking'.
Rhamadan (Barrett) : An unreleased song, recorded in 1968. Rhoda (Mason, Fenn) : An instrumental from 'Profiles'.
Rooftop In A Thunderstorm Row Missing The Point (presumably by Barrett) : A poem published in Sydzine Terrapin [issue 9 - SF] and an Italian book. The existence of a track of the same name has been neither confirmed nor even rumoured.

Rooftop Song, The (Barrett) : An alternative title for the above.

4.33 AM (Running Shoes) (Waters) : From 'The Pros and Cons of Hitch Hiking' and the 12" of the 'Pros and Cons' single. Live on the 'Pros and Cons' tour, the song included a third verse:
 "Ooh babe, where have you been?
  Fragrant the feel and the flavour
  of dark teenage skin
  ?Like the river's been rushing the?
  I said when you go over
  I wanna go back there again
  Oh baby, sweet Fassbinder baby"

Russian Missile, The (Waters) : An instrumental from 'When The Wind Blows'.

Sea Shell and Soft Stone (Waters, Geesin) : From 'The Body'.
Sea Shell and Stone (Waters) : A pretty ditty from 'The Body'.

Seems We Were Dreaming (Wright, Harris) : From 'Identity', sung by Dave Harris.

4.41 AM (Sexual Revolution) (Waters) : From 'The Pros and Cons of Hitch Hiking'.
Sh'boom (unknown) : From Nick Mason's 1984 'Life Could Be A Dream' film, which takes its title from the song's lyric. Originally a hit for the Crew Cuts in 1954, this version - by Mason and Fenn - features 10cc's Eric Stewart on vocals.

She Was A Millionaire (Barrett) : Another unreleased version of a song Syd had first recorded with Pink Floyd (see TAP's A-Z, issue 50). This one is believed to have been attempted during Syd's penultimate set of sessions in June 1970. However, neither this nor the Floyd's version has been released, officially or otherwise.
She Took A Long Cold Look (Barrett) : From 'The Madcap Laughs'.
Short And Sweet (Gilmour, Roy Harper) : From 'David Gilmour'. An earlier version appears on Roy's 'The Unknown Soldier'. A Gilmour-free version in on Roy's 'Between Every Line' album, due on CD from Awareness this year.
Siam (Bley) : From 'Fictitious Sports', sung by Robert Wyatt.
So Far Away (Gilmour) : From 'David Gilmour'.
Strange Rhythm (Wright, Harris) : From 'Identity', sung by Dave Harris.
Summer Elegy (Wright) : An instrumental from 'Wet Dream'.
Sunset Strip (Waters) : From 'Radio KAOS'. Released as a single in Europe.
Swan Lee (Silas Lang) (Barrett) : From 'Opel'.
Terrapin (Barrett) : Originally from 'The Madcap Laughs', this reappeared on the Peel Sessions EP, of which Strange Fruit's
There's No Way Out Of Here (Baker) : From (and sung by) 'David Gilmour'. Told "It's hard to get a handle on what the instrument really is" at the start, Dave replied: "Good. That was the intention (laughs). It's a fuzz-tone-distorted guitar double- tracked with a harmonica." An edited version was released as a single, with no commercial success.
Tide Is Turning (After Live Aid), The (Waters) : From 'Radio KAOS', sung by the author and the Ponterdulais Male Voice Choir. Also on 'The Wall Live in Berlin', sung by all and sundry. Both versions were released as singles, the former with more success than the latter.
Towers Of Faith (Waters) : From 'When The Wind Blows', sung by the author and Clare Torry.
True Story (Nick Laird-Clowes, Gilmour) : From The Dream Academy's 'A Different Kind Of Weather' album, featuring Dave on vocals, guitar and bass synth (see review, TAP 48). Renamed 'Angel of Mercy', the song was released as a single in August 1991, and reviewed by 808 State's Martin Price: "As soon as that came on I thought it sounded like Pink Floyd and sure enough Dave Gilmour has produced it". The six-minutes '12/8' mix of the single adds only a backwards-tape intro and drum machine solo.

Two Of A Kind (disputed credit) : From the Peel Sessions EP, officially credited to Syd Barrett but more likely to be the work of Rick Wright (see Q&A, TAP 50).

Until We Sleep (Gilmour) : From 'About Face'.
Untitled (Barrett) : Probably an alternative title for 'Let's Split' [qv], recorded in 1970.

Voices (Wright, Harris) : From 'Identity', sung by Dave Harris.
Waiting For The Drummer (uncredited) : A one-off, light-hearted jam on the KAOS tour.

Waves (Wright) : An instrumental from 'Wet Dream'.
Waving My Arms In The Air / I Never Lied To You (Barrett) : From 'Barrett'.
Wervin' (Bley) : From 'Fictitious Sports', sung by Robert Wyatt.
What's The New Mary Jane (Lennon) : A cacophonous Beatles outtake reputed (by entrepreneurial bootleggers) to feature Barrett. There is absolutely no evidence to suggest that this is so (see the Beatles special, TAP 49).

White City (Townshend, Gilmour) : The title track of Pete Townshend's 1985 video and album. The music developed from Gilmour's contribution to Roy Harper's 'Hope' [qv].

Who Needs Information (Waters) : From 'Radio KAOS'; also released as a single in the US.
Wined And Dined (Barrett) : From 'Barrett' and 'Opel'.
Wolfpack (Barrett) : Reputedly Syd's favourite track from 'Barrett'.
Womb Bit, The (Waters, Geesin) : An instrumental from 'The Body'.

Word Song (Barrett) : From 'Opel'. Also known as 'Untitled Words' or simply 'Words'.
Wouldn't You Miss Me (Barrett) : An alternative version of 'Dark Globe' [qv], from 'Opel'. A US promo 12" features this song on both sides.
You (The Game part II) (Gilmour, Roy Harper) : From Roy's 'The Unknown Soldier' LP, with Dave on guitar and Kate Bush on vocals. The track is a sequel to the Gilmour-starred 'The Game (parts 1- 5)' on Roy's 'HQ' album.

You Know I'm Right (Gilmour) : From 'About Face'. Performed on the 'About Face' tour, the song was revived for Gilmour's cameos at the Columbian Earthquake gig in 1986 and the Guitar Greats concert in 1984.
Zip Code (Mason, Fenn) : An instrumental from 'Profiles'.

From TAP #60:

A Collection Of Great Dance Songs (An A-Z of Pink Floyd Songs)
Another Brick in the Wall 2 (Waters) : Reissued on CD in Columbia's Hall of Fame series in 1988, coupled with, as on the '79 single, One Of My Turns. Appears on a Mexican 7" EP (with The Happiest Days..., Stop, The Trial and Outside The Wall) and Columbia double promo LP Hitline '80!

Another Brick in the Wall 3 (Waters) :
The Ballad Of Bill Hubbard (Waters) :
Brain Damage (Waters) : An early studio version (circa June 1972) appears on the 'From The Other Side' bootleg CD.
Bring The Boys Back Home (Waters) : Movie version reappears on Four Temas De Film: a 7" EP from CBS Brazil.
Comfortably Numb (Gilmour, Waters) :
Corporal Clegg (Waters) : The Psychotronic Encyclopedia of Film (Plexus, 1983) claims that Captain Clegg, from Hammer's 1962 film 'Night Creatures', aka 'Captain Clegg', inspired this track. Dogs (Waters, Gilmour) :
Don't Leave Me Now (Waters) :
Ecclesiastes (Wright) : Great Gig retitled on live '72 War In The Head bootleg.

Fallen Angel (Waters) : The prototype for What God Wants (see TAP 58).

Fearless (Waters, Gilmour) :
Flaming (Barrett) : Warbling this on French TV's 'Tous en Scene' (November 26, '68; repeated March '91), DG switched lines from the second and third verses, then changed the final lines from "Yippie, you can't see me, but I can see you" to "Hey-ho, here we go, ever so high". Also performed by "Les Pink Floyds" (sic) for this show were Let There Be More Light and Point Me At The Sky. [Anyone who owns a copy of this (any format) is invited to contact me. - SF]

Flight From Reality(Waters) : In late '75, Waters told Rock & Folk, "I'm working on another piece, Flight From Reality, which is very strange." It is not referred to anywhere else.

Golden Hair (Barrett, James Joyce) : Our entry for this in TAP 56 gave the impression that an instrumental take appears on the Octopus single, when it in fact appears on the Opel album.

Have A Cigar (Waters) : Appears on the Columbia double promo LP The Heavyweights.

Hey You (Waters) : "To say this was not played 'live' (TAP 55) is ludicrous. Aside from the differences in performances, there is the rehearsal tape (see TAP 38) where it's obviously live."
(Stuart Petty)
Home (Waters) :
I Can Tell (Bo Diddley) : This is one of Bo's songs used by many 'beat groups', not just Floyd. Road Runner, another from their '60s repertoire, is also a Diddley ditty.
In The Flesh (Waters) :
Interstellar Overdrive (Barrett, Waters, Wright, Mason) : The plethora of available renditions has defeated our planned guide to the adventures of Interstellar Overdrive. 'Floyds of London' (TAP 46) describes the version used for Piper and 'Tonight Let's All Make Love In London'. We concur that the Interstellar on the 'San Francisco' film was indeed a 1968 version, and not, as has been reported, the first recorded version. The one found on a French EP sounds like an edit from the mono Piper mix. This still leaves the version used for the CBC radio interview, repeated as part of Capital's The Pink Floyd Story; another puzzler which we entrust to future Floyd watchers.

Is There Anybody Out There? (Waters) :
It's A Miracle (Waters) :
Just Before You Disappear (Barrett) : Bootleg title for Octopus, from Syd's June '70 Olympia gig.

Late Home Tonight (Waters) :
Learning To Fly (Jon Carin) : Appears on a CBS, 7" EP from Bolivia, with On The Turning Away, One Slip and Sorrow. A 90- second extract from Jon Carin's instrumental demo for the song - eventually credited to Gilmour/Ezrin/Moore/Carin - was aired during Dave's Radio One appearance on 28/7/92.
Let There Be More Light (Waters) : Amnesia strikes 'Tous en Scene' again as DG mangles lyrics and moves his solo from the Song's end to before the final verse.
Like A Rolling Stone (Dylan) : A 100-second extract only (so Gilmour could "sell the bootleg myself") from this home demo was played during his Radio One appearance on 28/7/92.
Molly's Song (Waters) : The US 7" on which this appears (with introductory dialogue from Jim Ladd and Billy) in on Columbia, #38-07617, in a generic sleeve.

Money (Waters) : Appears on 'Quadrafile', a limited edition (5000) double LP produced for the quadraphonically-inclined Hi-Fi News & Record Review readers, in 1976.
A 100-second extract of Waters' demo was played during Gilmour's Radio One appearance on 28/7/92.
Mother (Waters) :
On The Run (Gilmour, Waters) :
One Of My Turns (Waters) : The groupie sequence was originally performed by Roger. It was re-recorded by a girl Bob Ezrin "found" in LA.

One Of These Days (Pink Floyd) :
One Slip (Gilmour, Manzanera) :
Perfect Sense 1 (Waters) :
Piggy Got Stoned (uncredited) : A "really messy, guitar-focused, instrumental" of dubious authenticity found on a bootleg tape, 'Pink Floyd: Early Freakout Demos'. (Andrew Pask)
Pink Jungle, The (Barrett, Waters, Wright, Mason) : Alternative title for Pow R Toc H, as played in The Journey, may have been inspired by 1968 adventure-comedy of the same name, starring James Garner.

5.01 AM (The Pros And Cons Of Hitch-Hiking) (Waters) : The UK 12" / US promo 12" versions are longer (5:25) than the LP cut (4:38) and have an alternative, laid-back, country-ish guitar solo after "all men must die". Other unique features include a sax solo and a later fade.

Rats (Barrett) : Ex-Mr Chili Pepper, John Frusciante: "... unless you've heard Rats I can't really explain what it's about. It's mainly acoustic, this riff, but when he comes in with the vocal... It's wild. Real fugitive sound, ya know ?"

The Riot Sequence (Wright) : Alternative title for Us and Them's prototype, The Violent Sequence [qv].

Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun (Waters) :
Sheep (Waters) : The 23rd Psalm was originally read by Nick Mason, but the recorded version is by Floyd roadies. Live '77, this borrowed the bass line and 'Dr Who' keyboard improvisation from One of These Days.

Shine On You Crazy Diamond(Waters, Gilmour, Wright) :
Smiles For Miles (Waters) : A song recorded for, but rejected from, Amused To Death.

Sorrow (Gilmour) :
Speak To Me (Mason) :
Time (Mason, Waters, Wright, Gilmour) : Early studio version, on 'From The Other Side', described thus: 'No solo lead guitar after "starting gun" [or] Breathe reprise".

The Trial (Waters, Ezrin) : During the judge's bit, Rog yells 'Go on judge, sit on it!'. (Stuart Petty) [Actually, I've always heard 'Go on judge, shit on him!', because he does shortly afterwards... Wasn't this a thread on Echoes at one point ? - SF]
Us And Them (Waters, Wright) : The song is quoted in Bret Easton Ellis' novel 'The Rules of Attraction', with appropriate credits.

Watching TV (Waters) :
Welcome To The Machine (Waters) :
What God Wants (Waters) :
Wish You Were Here (Waters) :