Rumours and Facts about Syd

David Gilmour, in the web chat on 6 January, talking about Syd, reports:

"The last I heard of Syd was when the producer of the documentary that was on telly a few weeks ago had received a letter from Syd's sister Rosemary saying Syd had enjoyed the program.".
By the way Gilmour refers to the 'Omnibus' Syd documentary broadcasted on Saturday 24th November 2001 by BBC2, featuring Pete Jenner, the Floyd members and everyone who was close to Syd, talking about Syd's music, his art, his vision and his influence on the sound of Pink Floyd.
The documentary reports some interesting anecdotes, and "Waters has a way of talking about them that is kind of funny, sad but also very human. There is fantastic footage of Syd in the early days, and clips of his own solo work. Really amazing and well put together." (words of Monica, a Syd fan)

In the first half of 2002, Genesis Publications printed PSYCHEDELIC RENEGADES, a limited edition book containing the entire Syd Barrett archive of the rock photographer Mick Rock (about 120 color and monochrome images).
PSYCHEDELIC RENEGADES was limited to 950 numbered copies, all signed by Mick Rock. There was also a limited edition of 320 Deluxe copies, signed by Syd Barrett: these copies were immediately sold out (each single copy costs about 800 Euro !). On the right you can see a little picture of a Syd's signature, taken from an e-bay auction related to one of the hard to find deluxe copies.
Unfortunately we don't know if the Syd's signatures of the Deluxe copies come with some kind of certifications and if some book profit percentage will be deposited for Syd.

The above infos seem to be in contrast with recent rumours referring that Syd is near blindness or that Syd doesn't like to be reminded of the old days.

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