Late Night magazine

Tonarskvall 3 Radio, Stockholm, Sweden

Sept. 10, 1967 Interview
3 minute interview that took place during Pink Floyd's 4-day Scandinavian tour

Many thanks to Britannia (aka Barrett) for providing this interview.

RW: Um, there's me, I play bass, my names Roger Waters, Syd Barrett, who plays lead guitar, Rick Wright who plays organ, and Nick Mason plays the drums.

Interviewer: And you four together make The Pink Floyd. Why that certain name?
RW: Uh... No reason. You know, it's just, uh, sounds like a nice name to us. It's really just a registration mark. It's better then called ourselves CCE338, or something like that.

Interviewer: Uh, when was the group formed?
RW: Um, a couple of years ago, I guess. Just playing back rooms, you know, around when we were all students.

Interviewer: All the music you're performing with now, is original material, or is there somebody else writing it?
RW: No, it's all stuff we've written ourselves. Well, most of it's written by Syd.

Interviewer: Yes. Could you please try, at least in words, to express the kind of music that you're performing?
RW: No.

Interviewer: You say it's impossible, or...
RW: Yeah. Uh, it's almost impossible to express it in music, let alone words.

Interviewer: Uh, OK, to which kind of music is it connected?
RW: Um, I don't know. I really don't know.

Interviewer: Ok, your first, your first record (laughs). Arnold Layne. When was that released?
RW: In England, um, three weeks ago.

Interviewer: And that's all orignal stuff on it too, no?
RW: Yeah. Yeah.

Interviewer: Your latest single is See Emily Play. Who is Emily?
RW: Um... Uh, you know, if you can find out who she is, write us and tell us, 'cause we don't know. She could be anyone. You know, she's just a hung-up chick, that's all.

Interviewer: Uh, is there any new single release planned for the near future?
RW: Well, there's one planned, but we havn't written the song yet.

Interviewer: Are there any future plans planned for you in the near future? Are you going to the States or something like that, or are you staying in England?
RW: Well, obviously we'd like to get to the States, 'cause, uh, there's a lot of bread over there, but whether anyone will ask us to go is another question. You know, it really depends on the record breaking in the States. If the record breaks, you know... that's cool. If it doesn't, we don't stand a chance.