Recent infos about Syd Barrett

Exclusive: recent infos about Syd Barrett.

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Hi to all Barrett fans.

We recently collected updated news about Syd Barrett: they refer to the 2003-2005 period and, even if we are not allowed to reveal the source, we deem it reliabile enough. We trust all Pink Floyd fans will be happy to know Syd Barrett is doing well, within the limits of somebody who choose to leave the outer world outside the door.

It's no new news Syd reduced human contacts to almost zero. Currently, he keeps living a very solitary life, still showing signs of the paranoia, which led him to leave Pink Floyd. He is described as living "in a house with the lower ground windows bricked up", where he "often sits watching the back door for long periods of time". This said, it's true that, to the few people who happen to get in touch with him, he is friendly and glad "to have very ordinary conversations about everyday things".

His obvious concerns about the outside world don't prevent him to go to the shop a couple of times a day to pick up his tobacco.

Those who visited his house describe it as a place where he feels like living in comfort, even if without lavish furniture. The same people refer to Syd as somebody enjoying "a healthy interest in women". No matter the style of life he choose for himself, he definitely seems to have no problems paying bills.

Just a few insights, but, even if on the private side of his life, we thought they would be appreciated by all the people who love and care for Syd...


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