Internet Chat with Nick Mason

during promotion of his new book,

Driving and Drumming

?: What sounds better, Pink Floyd or the Ferrari 512S?

Nick Mason: Pink Floyd on stage, 512S in the cockpit.

Nick: What's the dodgiest car you own?

Nick Mason: Dodgiest car - hard to choose between the Trabant and a Model T previously owned by Laurel and Hardy

Afi: You didnıt say what you drive on a daily basis?

Nigel: Do you remember Michael Blowers from your high school?

Nick Mason: No I don't remember Michael Blowers but I am very old now.

The Interstellar Man: What is your favourite song to listen to while driving? Mine is "Echoes"

Nick Mason: Favourite song depends upon traffic conditions.

Nipper: Nick, What's your favourite classic sports car?

Nick Mason: Daily basis ­ A souped-up VW Gold VR6. Favourite classic sports car - GTO Ferrari.

Nick: There are a lot of rumours floating around that Mr. Waters might be joining that just a wet dream for most of us or is there any truth to it? :)

Afi: What do you mean by souped up? How soupy is it?

Nick Mason: I haven't had a call from Mr Waters yet.... I'll keep you posted.

Nigel: Does Roger [Waters] have any interest in cars or is it just TV?

Nick Mason: VR6 - engine increased in size to 3.2 litre and lowered suspension.

Nipper: Good choice!

Afi: Why didn't you get a Ferrari F50?

Nick Mason: I don't think Roger is particularly interested in cars.

ResPisces: Which was the first car you owned?

Nick Mason: F50? - The F40 still does the business.

Ilan: Nick: When are your books going to be released?

The Interstellar Man: Let's say you are speeding through the wide-open country with a funny cigarette in one hand and not an automobile near you, what tune would most suit this situation?

Nick Mason: Life in the Fast Lane by the Eagles.

Clinker: Nick, have you ever owned a TR2, or Tr3?

Afi: We're all very envious of you and your great car collection - do you envy the Sultan of Brunei?

Nick Mason: First car was a 1927 Austin Seven Chummy which cost £20.

Nigel: Would you like to donate to my car fund?

Spud Murphy: What's the least interesting car you've owned?

Nils: Do you take care of all the cars yourself Nick, or do you have an army of people?

Donny: What car(s) haven't you got that you would really like?

Nick Mason: Nigel - not particularly, would you like to donate to mine?

Yurst: I might just have to watch my 'Carrera Panamericana' video for this occasion.

Rupert: If you could own ANY car - which one would you opt for?

Nick Mason: Least interesting car? It was so dull I can't remember.

Nils: Lol, probobly a dodge then :)

Spud Murphy: Nissan Sunny?

Nick Mason: I used to do some car maintenance but now I have some expert mechanics to do it for me.

Nick Mason: What car - I'd still like a McLaren F1.

Spud Murphy: Ford Escort?

Nick: Was hopping you'd give us an update on the books you've been writing, but if you still like to eat pie without the crust...(joke)

Nick Mason: Yurst - good idea....

Richard-nz: Nick, do you own any Holden cars?

Lunatic-on-the-bluegrass: Hello, Nick! I'd like to know,...whether sitting on a drum stool for 3 or 4 hours wowing audiences, or crammed into a cramped cockpit of a racer for 4 hours of `hold-on-for-your-life', which situation causes your underwear to cram up in a big wad in your bum, the worse!?!?

Nick Mason: Let's leave my underwear out of it

Rupert: Are McLaren still producing the F1? If yes, why don't you get one?

Nick Mason: Any car? I'd keep the GTO.

Moz: Regarding the Carrera PanAmericana, who is the best driver between you and Dave ? ;-)

Nick Mason: No Holden cars - waiting for an Australian tour.

Annie: Hi Nick... If you could race in any race.. which one would it be?

Richard: Aussie tour......arenıt we all!!!!

ResPisces: I read somewhere that you shared your passion for cars with Michael Mantler. Are you still in touch with him?

Laura Upperty: I am Canadian.

Nick Mason: Still in touch with Michael Mantler. I think he's still driving a Porsche.

El Borba: SO? What's so clever about being Canadian?

Eldestructo: It must be a cheese thing.

El Borba: Canadian cheddar?

Nick Mason: I'm beginning to feel left out.

Rupert: Any driving influenced music in a forthcoming album?

Clinker: Nick, have you ever owned a TR3?

Afi: Hey Nick, do you think the UK speed limit should be raised?

Nick Mason: No forthcoming album at present so music uninfluenced.....

Nils: Nick, ever had any badddd crashes?

Lunatic-on-the-bluegrass: OK, then, which gives you the best feeling of `being on top of the world', so to speak, perched atop your drum throne after making 60000 peoples' mouths drop, orŠ..

Nick Mason: Never owned a TR3.

Nick Mason: Yes I would like to see the speed limit raised on motorways.

Moz: Nick, was is your best souvenir you have while you were driving a car ?

Nigel: What's your worst fear Nick?

Trixie: Is it live chats?

Nick Mason: Thankfully no bad accidents but lots of spins and minor body the car that is.

Afi: Yeah, do you scare yourself while driving?

Lunatic-on-the-bluegrass: orrrr..... driving a great race with the car doing just as you hoped?

Trixie: I'm rubbish at driving! Were you ever rubbish, Nick?

Nick Mason: Worst fear - another question about how the band got its name!

?: Iıve heard that you own a Sinclair C5. Is this true?

Nigel: so how did the band get its - only kidding!

Nick Mason: Yes I still have a C5 and am perfectly capable of driving very badly indeed.

Nils: I know that, I know that! pink anderson, floyd counsil! wohooooooo!!!!, Iıll shut up now.

Nick Mason: How did the band gets its name? zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Clinker: Hello Nick, nice to see you again :)

Trixie: What, you fell asleep and when you woke up you had a name?

Afi: Do you ever race the C5?

Rupert: I met someone once who thought Pink Floyd was named that because they were all gay!!

Nick Mason: Never heard of any races for C5's.

Ilan: If you were to be able to go back into the past and select any 3 cars for your collection which would you choose?

Nick Mason: I don't think PF was anything to do with being gay. We've all kept it very undercover if we are.

Annie: How many cars do you own total Nick?

Nick Mason: 3 cars -Grand Prix Mercedes, GTO and McLaren F1.

Nigel: So how did the band get its - only kidding.

Nuno: Nick, you collect cars. Dave collects airplanes. Rick collects boats. Does Roger collect anything besides bricks?...

Henrietta: If you had to get rid of all your cars except for one, which would you keep?

Nick Mason: One car ­ GTO.

Nigel: Can I have Roger Waters phone number please?

Nipper: What does your McLaren F1 do 0-60 in?

Nick Mason: I haven't got a McLaren but I think it's less than 4 secs.

Rupert: Do you know if Rick's album sold well? I think it's very good.

Nick Mason: No sales figures for Rick's albums, but yes I like it.

ResPisces: Do you think the art of driving and the art of drumming have anything in common?

Nick Mason: Yes timing is important but I think my driving reflects my drumming in a tendency to speed up.....

Afi: Is it hard work driving some of the older cars in your collection.

Nick Mason: You can have Roger's number if you give me Bob Dylan's.

Noz: Nick, would you be interested if some of us, PF fans would design a website for you to present your cars collection (since Dave got a website for Intrepid Aviation ) ? ;-))

Nick Mason: Most important cars and best fun driving historic racing, modern racing, rallying and simply showing off.

Rupert: 001 343 655454 - joke!

Nick Mason: Not particularly difficult driving older cars, just different technique.

Nick Mason: We are talking about doing a car website.

Nigel: Bob Dillon = 0181 453762 (thatıs Bob Dillon the plumber not singer)

Ron: First car, Mr Mason?

Acab23: What kind of music do you listen to whilst ripping up the roads in middle England, and would you come up to my house and get your ass whipped at Colin Macrae's rally for the playstation ;)

Nick Mason: Prefer Radio Four (speech) to music and thanks for the invite but I already get my arse whipped at home by my children on the Playstation.

Lunatic-on-the-bluegrass: Have you ever considered a spin in a NASCAR racer?

Henrietta: Do you polish your own helmet? Or does someone do it for you?

Richard-NZ: What was your worst traffic offence on a public road, Nick??

Nick Mason: Love to try a NASCAR racer.

Nick Mason: Ususally polish my own helmet but occasionally someone will wipe my visor on the grid.

Nuno: Did you ever got a speeding ticket?

Nick Mason: Worst traffic offense - playing a John Denver CD.

Ilan: Nick: What are the features of the GTO that you find most striking?

Clinker: Nick, what is the top speed of the Ferrari 250 GTO?

Nick Mason: Speeding ticket ­ yes.

Afi: Are you saying you have NO penalty points Nick?

Richard-NZ: HAHAHA...I like a Floyd with a sense of humour!!!!

Nick Mason: GTO features most strking - brakes, suspension, engine, gearbox, body shape, performance, history,..

Lunatic: speaking of polishing helmets, are you Britishers amused at our Presidential penile predilections?

Nick Mason: More amused at the public's fascination with Clinton' sex life than foreign policy.

ResPisces: How did your interest in cars begin? Has it been going on since your youth?

Rupert: Nick - tell us a joke!!

Richard-NZ: Nick, do you ever chat in the IRC chat rooms???

Afi: Okay if we are going in that direction? Driving the GTO or sex? What's better?

Nick Mason: Interest in cars since childhood - it's all my father's fault. No jokes and haven't chatted in irc rooms.

Nuno: Probably sex in the GTO, or is that a crime?... In such a great car I mean?

Nick Mason: GTO or sex - both please but not in that car....

Afi: Why? Not enough space?

ResPisces: Do you think Robert Wyatt's new CD Shleep would be a good record to play in the car?

Nick Mason: Robert Wyatt's CD would be good to play anywhere.

Moz: Nick, is driving a racing car inspiring you in anyway for your musical composition??

Afi: What does your family think about your tearing about in racing cars?

Nick Mason: Family thinks it's OK so long as they're able to do it too - (wife and daughters)

Lunatic-on-the-bluegrass: Nick, how do you feel about bootleg recordings? Really, a lot of fans would like to know....

Afi: Your family race too?

Annie: Nick, if you could race in any race which one would it be, and why?

Nick Mason: I hate bootleg recordings. Please let us make the recordings.

Nuno: Are you driving to the next tour?

Barnes Wallace: Okay Nick. This time we really have to know. What's the average tog value of your racing suit?

Nick Mason: No plans to drive to the next tour.... but then no plans to tour yet.

Rupert: How about release rare shows etc therefore wiping out need for bootlegs?

Richard-NZ: Nick....have you decided yet who you will give the 2 books to????....I would really love one.

Nils: Yet! He said yet! There is hope then.

Nick Mason: No idea to tog value.

Nuno: Some people rather have live stuff without overdubs. Besides, we buy everything any of you guys release...

Moz: What about BBC recordings then??

?: How many wheels do your cars usually have?

Nick Mason: BBC recordings were meant to be one offs and not kept for posterity

Nils: Some of us like our live recordings without the over-dubs.

Ilan: Nick, have you made any offers for any of the existing GTO's? Or am I gonna seem silly cause there aren't any anymore :)

Nick Mason: Our recent live albums had no over-dubs.

?: Which of your cars is your favourite one? If you have to choose? How did it feel to sell one/several of your cars to finance a Pink Floyd tour?

Nick Mason: Wheels - lots and lots.

Richard-NZ: Nick...I read that there is a cd with Into The Red.....does it come free with the book??

Nick Mason: English edition has CD of car sounds, US version doesn't.

Joe McGrellis: Nick, In you opinion, what defines a Classic Car?

Flytomars: There is a b**tleg out, which features live performance in better quality then the live Ummagumma, why shouldnıt I enjoy it? Why donıt you supply the stuff?

Spyder: What are the average top speeds that you run at?

Nick Mason: I've never heard a better version of Ummagumma unless you mean later versions of the songs. I still think we should be allowed to control our output rather than an obligation to release innumerable versions of the same songs.

Nils: So you donıt have any bootlegs then, Nick?

Clinker: Nick, what is the hosepower of your 250 GTO?

Nick Mason: Horsepower of GTO - approx 300.

Mudman: What kind of car was it that you drove in LA Carrera?

Rupert: Nick - Surely it's supply and demand. I don't think you are going to give Pink Floyd a bad name by releasing old concert recordings, that I for one (who is too young to have gone to those concerts) would love to hear. Why not supply and if you have to, make money out of it, rather than let the rip-off merchants walk away with your artistic copyright?

Nick Mason: Yes, I do have some bootlegs of our stuff to remind me how much I hate them. Of other artistes none.

Donny: Have you been watching the Touring Car Championships?

?: Which current racing drivers do you admire?

Nick Mason: Yes, I watched some of the touring car stuff - big fan of Will Hoy. He once drove the GTO with me in a race at Silverstone.

Nick Mason: Schumacherıs ability, Damon Hillıs personality.

Afi: Are all the cars kept in London?

Nick Mason: Half the cars are in London, the rest spread around with various mechanics.

Richard-NZ: Nick, did you expect so many rubbish questions today??

Flytomars: Why not issue live early stuff in small quantities, mail order or something like that. That way all will be pleased and you will have control over your stuff?

Nick Mason: I am sure the future will find ways of artistes controlling or making available tour live recordings.

Nick Mason: Slightly fewer rubbish questions than expected, but more insanity than anticipated...

Nils: Hahahha, good thing you don't know your way around the net then, Nick, bootlegs are everywere.

Richard-NZ: Nick...are you going to race Le Mans again??

Nick Mason: I know there are the bootlegs on the net, it's just not something I want to collect.

Donny: Would you like to compete in a touring car race?

Lunatic-on-the-bluegrass: Asking again about possible plans for a classic museum, Nick?

Nick Mason: No plans for Le Mans, Touring Cars or Classic Car Museum.

Afi: What do you think of the Lotus Elise?

Clinker: Nick, what is your fave track?

Mudman: Would you and Dave ever do another race like La Carrera?????

Nick Mason: Lotus Elise - my daughter thinks it's the greatest car in the world. I'd like it better if I could get into it easier. I would do another race like La Carrera but I'm not sure if Dave would bearing in mind the accident.

Nick Mason: My favourite track is Silverstone.

Moz: Nick, in your opinion who is the best car maker (or from what country : Italia, Japan (!) England, Germany ????)

?: Nick, will be there a new Floyd album, or have you retired?

Nick Mason: Cars - Italian design, German engineering, British drivers.

Lunatic-on-the-bluegrass: Do you have any encouragement for those in search of `the Publius Enigma'?

Nils: good question luna!!... DOES he exist???

Nick Mason: No plans for a new PF album, I hope weıre still too young to retire.

Nick Mason: Haven't heard anything on Publius for a year.

ResPisces: Do you think Britain should keep the left-hand traffic?

Nick Mason: Yes too expensive to change from left hand.

Ilan: Nick, whatıs your wifeıs favourite car?

Nick Mason: Wife's favourite car? I'll have to ask her.

Moz: Nick, if there was to be a race with lots of celebrity, will you race with em (and show em the power of the Floyd !!!) ?

Nick Mason: Happy to race against anyone.

Richard-NZ: Nick, is there a question that no one has asked that you would like to answer??

Afi: Hey Richard NZ that's a good question, you might win the book with that!

Mudman: Are you as close to Pete Townshend as Dave?

Nick Mason: If there was a question that I would like to answer I would have asked it myself.

Afi: Would you race Michael Schumacher? Bit deadly isn't he?

Rupert: Who drives better, men or women?

Didier: Did you ever race in a F1?

Nick Mason: Who drives better? I'll have to ask my wife.

Donny: Damon Hill sucks, do you agree?

Nick Mason: Never raced in F1.

Nick Mason: Donny - absolutely disagree.

Wendy: I am touching myself now.

Mudman: How much did your Lotus cost?

Nils: Wendy go to

Nick Mason: I don't have a Lotus - I'll have to ask my daughter.

Nils: your daughter has a lotus? sheesh

Nick Mason: I feel Wendy may be in the wrong chat room.

Nils: For sure.

Richard-NZ: Do you know of world famous drivers from New Zealand like Chris Amon, and Denny Holme, Nick????

Nick Mason: Yes, I know Chris Amon quite well. He came to Goodwood last year and came to our show in New Zealand.

Nuno: Do you still fly Nick?

Nils: Thanks for the chat Mr. Mason... I'll have to go buy your book now.

Nick Mason: I'm still flying, I do talk to Pete Townshend and Roy Harper but have to go now as they are going to tow my car away.

Afi: Which car are they towing?

Goodbye everyone thanks for the chat - even Wendy.