Re: Delicate Sound of Thunder tour
transcribed from VHS
by Zombiezee

Interviewer unknown (you can't see interviewer, just hear his questions. You do get to see Dave however). Interview begins with a live snippet of COMFORTABLY NUMB.

Q: How much bigger, in fact, can Pink Floyd get? You know, I'm talking about the sort of extravaganzas one reads about big shows.

DG: If one sets out to top what ones ever done before, scale-wise every time, you've got to come to a limit at some point. We just try to do a new show, something different every time.

live snippet of RUN LIKE HELL

Q: Unlike a lot of bands, you might say "We'd like to get back to playing smaller venues" - that would never be the case for you would it?

DG: Um, no thank you. You know, we all have the opportunity, I have the opportunity to play at small venues that I want, pubs and clubs in England if I want to with other people. I've done a solo tour 3 years ago which was playing in sort of theatres, 3,000 up to the sort of arena size 15,000 seaters, and on a slightly smaller scale...um, it's great fun, but Pink Floyd works better in a largish place.

live snippet of LEARNING TO FLY

Q: Is the name Pink Floyd important then?

DG: Of course it's important - it's important to me, it's important to us. I mean, I have spent 20 years of my life working on building that name up. It doesn't actually make sense to me to start all over, under a new name or my own solo name or anything, and have to work as hard as we worked for so many years at the beginning to try and...I mean, it does take an intense amount of work and effort to achieve the sort of thing that we've managed to achieve, and I see no reason whatsoever why I should give that up, just because one guy says he doesn't want to do it anymore. It's not the normal thing, is it? I mean, if someone leaves a group or something, the others normally get to carry on.