Daily Express
Wednesday August 7 2002

Pink Floyd to make a comeback

Legendary band Pink Floyd has put behind (some) bitter spats and is set to reform with its long estranged original band member Roger Waters for a charity reunion concert.

A savage 15-year rift between the band's Sixties co-founders, drummer Nick Mason and bassist and singer Roger, ended when the pair, now both 57, unexpectedly met up on holiday. They now want to reform for an "enormously worthwhile" Pink Floyd concert.

"You can't go back to where you were but we enjoyed rediscovering a real old friendship" explains Nick, who first met Roger when they were both architectural students. "He's not the most easy-going man but I'm enormously fond of him."

Nick, who described the reunion as an "excellent present" has since joined Roger on drums for his Wembley shows in June and the pair proceeded to hug in front of the audience.

"I like the idea of reforming for something enormously worthwhile," Nick says, "such as another Live Aid or its equivalent." However, there may be a spanner in the works.

"Although Roger and I are speaking again, we're a long way from everyone making friends," explains Nick, referring to the long-term standoff between Roger and fellow band member Dave Gilmour.

After one barney too many, Roger, who had taken on the mantle of band leader, left the psychedelic group, whose ironic album Dark Side Of The Moon spent six years in the UK charts and 13 in America. He then launched a High Court action to prevent the remaining members from using the name.

He lost and the band, with keyboard player Rick Wright, went on to further success without him.

Singer and guitarist Dave, who joined the band in 1968 shortly before the original lead singer Syd Barrett departed, hasn't spoken to Roger, or been in the same room, since 1983. Should be an interesting reunion.