The Guardian: Tuesday, July 26 1988 (REPLY BY ROGER WATERS)

Letters to the Editor

Whilst I am used to reading inaccuracies about the history of Pink Floyd and in particular the dispute between myself and the other members, I generally take the view that the public do not wish to be bored with attempts by the parties to state more accurately the truth of these events. However, there is one section of Robin Denselow's article (Guardian, July 22) that I feel I have no alternative but to comment on.

Mr Denselow states that "the band commissioned Alan Parker to direct his successful feature film version of The Wall" and David Gilmour is quoted as saying that he had to intercede in a dispute between Mr Parker and myself threatening that the other members would outvote me in relation thereto. This scenario is totally fictitious. Mr Parker was not commissioned by the band as none of the band members other than myself were in any way involved in the creative aspects of the film. In the same way neither Mr Gilmour nor any other band member was in any way a party to matters between Mr Parker and myself.

I am afraid that once again history has become somewhat blurred in the retelling.

Roger Waters.

31 Ruvigny Gardens,

London SW15