Profile of an Auto Mechanic

by Vernon Fitch
copyright 1985

In a contest sponsored by The Amazing Pudding magazine in 1985, the question was asked "Who is the fat figure in black on Nick Mason's Profiles album cover?" The Nick Mason Profiles competition was won by Vernon Fitch, who's entry was judged the funniest by Nick himself. I wrote:

The fat figure in black on Nick Mason's new LP is Nick's auto mechanic! (The mechanic of the future). His yellow right hand shows caution, his left hand is green due to all the money he's paid. He's got a nose for trouble, a saucer hat (full of secrets) , he looks at the world from a different perspective from the rest of us (through a funnel) and he's definitely got rhythm. With all the money he is paid, you'd think he'd learn to stand on his own two, feet!