Gilmour's Garage from Today Jan 21

Pink Floyd star David Gilmour has paid 90,000 for a 10 by 16 ft. garage.
The millionaire guitarist, who co-wrote the hit Money, paid three times the market value for the north London lock-up. He was so fed up with his car being broken in to that he slapped in an offer that could not be gazumped. "The buyer paid well over the odds," said estate agent Nigel De Keyser, who handled the sale. "Even if the market picked up, the garage would undoubtedly sell at a loss."

Gilmour uses a 25,000 BMW to ferry his family around, but is also mad keen on Ferraris. Asked about his new acquisition yesterday, Gilmour, 47, smiled: "I don't want to talk about it." But a friend said: "Few of the houses in the area have garages. Dave had to park in the road. People have gone to great lengths to break in and steal the radio. It was damaged several times."

David shares his love of cars with Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason, who has one of the worlds most valuable collections. They have made a fortune from albums like Dark Side of the Moon.

The garage belonged to a couple who sold the house and disposed of the lock-up when the new buyers did not need one.