Goldmine Jan 8th 1993 Coverstory on Pink Floyd

...Gilmour is asked whether the group's failure to place so many of its early singles on later compilation albums indicates a dissatisfaction with them.

"Certainly, ther is an element within the people involved that aren't that keen on every single one of them," he replies diplomatically, "and there was actually some opposition amongst us all to whether we should even do this at all [i.e. , release them on Shine On].

"There are lots of tracks on those early albums, on Saucerful of Secrets and these early singles, which are for real enthusiasts only, if you know what I mean," Gilmour adds, laughing, "to put it delicately. Certainly, there are tracks that I hate on some of these things."

"But it's historical. I don't want to get too precious about it, we'll just put the stuff out. There are people who want it, a lot of people who want it, and I think it's an interesting little historical hole to fill."

A little about Atom Heart Mother

Gilmour does not remember the album favorably and decided to leave it off Shine On, though he promises it will be remastered for an improved CD version in the near future.

On 'When the Tigers Broke Free'

Asked if he had considered including it on the rarities disc of Shine On, Gilmour replies, "To be honest with you, it never occurred to me. The whole period of the post - The Wall period and The Final Cut period are all such a nightmare in my mind that I tended to blanck all of that out of my thought processe. It would be a goo idea. It's a very nice track, actually. Maby Roger should put it out on his greatset hits."