Knight-Ridder Newspaper

This article is on what Cd's was left out of Shine On. "Gilmour said the hardest part of the process was deciding what would be deleted from Shine On. Some choices were obvious: Gilmour wasn't aboard for 1967's Piper at the Gates of Dawn, and 1983's The Final Cut was a Waters-controlled project that Gilmour, drummer Nick Mason, and keyboardist Rick Wright dislike."[!!]

"As for the rest, Gilmour said,'something had to og in order to keep it at a somewhat reasonable price. One way or another, someone's favorite is going to be left out. Roger wanted The Final Cut to be in there and not A Momentary Lapse of Reason but the rest of us wanted it the other way around, so he was outvoted.' " [and I'm sure he did it calmly with grace - I can imagine what meetings with the four guys must have been like!]

On the next album "With Shine On completed, Gilmour has his sights on the next Floyd album.

Waters - who sought an injunction in 1987 to stop gilmour from using the Pink Floyd name - was mollified with an out-of-court financial settlement, although he spears his former band mates in an interview in the latest Musician Magazine. Gilmour, meanwhile, said a jam session about a year ago with Mason, Wright, and other musicians from the most recent Floyd tour made him feel optimistic about the upcoming project."

" 'Rick and Nick and myself seem to be fairly well in agreement on the way we like to do things, which makes things much smoothe' Gilmour said. 'We've been listening to some ideas we still have lying around, trying to think of what to do.' "