Winding through the tapes of writer Matthew Gwyther, we found quotes from Waters and Gilmour which, while too specialist for his Observer feature (see Medialog, TAP 59), will interest scandalously-inclined Floyd fans...

DG on Waters: "I haven't spoken to Roger since the 23rd of December, '87, when we finalised our agreement. We made up, on a word processor, an agreement; the two of us together with one guy, from our accountants..."I have seen him since, at Paul Carrack's 40th birthday party... he turned round from the bar with two drinks in his hand and couldn't help but smile. Then he stalked off and gathered his party and left."

Waters on Sorm Thorgerson: "He came and stayed with my mother and brothers and me. I'll never forget him saying, Oi, I want my cup of tea, or, I want my breakfast. My mother said, Well, go downstairs and put the kettle on, then. 'Oh, alright.' "About ten minutes later, this 11-year old came back and said, How do you put the kettle on? He'd been at (boarding school) since the age of five and didn't know how to boil a fucking kettle of water! [Which is] a fantastic indictment of that whole thing about education and children." *

Fast forwarding futher, Matthew asks about Mason being Rog's best friend: "Well, so I thought... But when push came to show, when we were making The Final Cut, I asked him to stand by me, to be part of 'my gang'. "He said to me, '...I want to go on with Gilmour...'. At least he had the courage to tell me that. I went, Alright, if that is what you belive."

Finally, we get to the poetry Rog's been composing. There's stuff about Grantchester Meadows, fishing in the River Cam and the obligatory dead dad bit: "We did our best / We kept his trust / Our dad would have been proud of us." You read it here first...

* Thorgerson gets his revenge, in an interview with Simon Taylor, for the laters college dissertation 'The Music and Images of Pink Floyd':

"There was an argument between Roger and me over the crediting of the Animals cover. Using Roger's concept, it was up to me to design the cover and organise it all. Getting the pig, photographers all in place was my work. "Therefore, I credited myself as sleeve designer. Roger was furios and after a long argument the sleeve notes were changed with him listed as designer. After that, he never bothered to call me again; which is a shame really, because we were good friends.. That is typical of Roger, a very unforgiving sort of chap.

"That is why I didn't get asked to do The Wall cover. The one they used is very bleak, isn't it? But then it reflects the music on that album. On the whole, I think his covers over recent years have been awful, but that's his decision."

Incidentally, can Storm explain the Delicate Sound Of Thunder cover...?

"Because [it] was a live album, I wanted the cover to reflect what was so special about a Floyd gig - what made their shows unique - which I concider to be the marriage of light and sound. So you have Mr. Light in a showdown with Mr. Sound. The whole thing was shot in Spain."

Lastly during his chat with Simon, Storm confirmed he had been "working on a book about Pink Floyd with Nick Mason". This was not the Shine On rubbish, so maybe we'll see something interesting published to coincide with next year's Pink shenanigans...