Bricks In The Wall

In an interview with Karl Dallas

"DALLAS: The cross-cutting in the movie, with the Anzio landings, don't you think that's a little far fetched?

"WATERS: Not really, no. I don't. Because there seems to me to be something ... well, it's strange, because it's not a direct parallel. Clearly, the motivation behind people jumping off DUKWs and running up beaches in Anzio is that they've been bloody well ordered to do it, you know. And they thought, and they were probably thinking, they were fighting a war that needed to be fought. "Whereas the motivation for the kind of involvement inrock shows that I'm pointing at is masochism. It's something I don't understand. I do not understand that thing of people going to rock shows and apparently the more painful it is the better they like it."

Regarding the final scene:

"WATERS: [...] That final image, if it's saying anything at all, it's suggesting that when we're born, we don't like Molotov cocktails, and that we learn to like them as we grow older. We learn to want to burn stuff and break things. ...[Later, after being asked if that's sentimentalizing childhood]

"WATERS: [...] Children don't ... well, actually children DO like Molotov cocktails, of course, they do. They love Molotov cocktails. I don't know why I said that. It's clearly nonsense. They like guns and fireworks and bangs and ... but they don't like killing. Well, most of the children I know don't, anyway. [...] Killing is very worrying I think to children, and it's something that we get hardened to as we grow older. Some of us get more hardened to it that others."