Rolling Stone, July 1990

RS: I understand that PolyGram Records, which is releasing a live album of the event, has put a lot of pressure on you to employ special guest stars in the show. It strikes me that 'The Wall' is less suited to a parade of guests than, say, 'Tommy'.

RW: Well, I thought Tommy was reduced *dramatically* by the inclusion of Billy Idol and Patti LaBelle and Phil Collins. I find the ubiquitous nature of Phil Collins's presence in my life irritating anyway - but having said that, the kid is a child actor and he was very good, though I did feel it was kind of overkill to wear two different costumes. But Billy Idol and Patti LaBelle were an absolute nightmare. They were fucking *aweful*. But I am using as much outside help as I can get, particularly for "Bring the Boys Back Home". I want to get soldiers from opposed ideologies onstage together to create a piece of music theater, which is symbolic of what Leonard Cheshire and the Memorial Fund are trying to achieve. Which is international cooperation in the face of national disatsters.

On the other members of Floyd being absent:

RS: It's ironic that you're singing about cooperation and breaking down walls, and yet you're not including the people with whom you recorded "The Wall" originally.

RW: Yeah. I wouldn't be able to focus on the piece, or the day, or what it was about, or its aims, or whatever, if either Dave Gilmour or Nick Mason were there. If I was to get involvied with them, it would have to be done at Big Sur and it would take six months. Having said that, I absolutely acknowledge that some of the work involved in The Wall is Dave's. But the fact that he cares as little as he does for the feelings that are in the piece, I think, makes it impossible for me to invite him to be there. You know, he has been out in stadiums playing my piece, in exact opposition to my emotions and ideas and philosophies and whatever, for his own profit. And I can't forgive him for that.[ed note--"Big Sur" is a "new age" sort of rehabilitation/retreat center in California. Waters here is suggesting that any kind of "reunion" of Floyd would invlove lots and lots of therapy, group discussions, getting to know one another, and probably more than a small amount of tranquilizers.]