(c) World Entertainment News Network 17-JUN-98

PINK FLOYD guitarist DAVID GILMOUR is heading sky high with a bid to off-load one of his rare aircraft.

The ANOTHER BRICK IN THE WALL hitmaker is a keen pilot who owns a collection of vintage aircraft, which he keeps at his INTREPID aviation company hangar in Essex, near London.

The wrinkly rocker is parting company with his powerful jet aircraft, a FOLLAND GNAT training aircraft he bought nine years ago (89), to devote more time to the rest of the planes in his fleet.

But responsible Gilmour, 52, will only sell the 34-year-old plane to an experienced aviator.

Intrepid spokesman BRENDAN WALSH says the $400,000 (250,000) price tag for the jet - registration G-MOUR - also includes five hours of handling lessons.

Walsh explains, "There are lots of people interested, but the realities of owning an ex-military jet are such that you have to think really carefully about it."

"To be honest we have had some people who are interested who we wouldn't sell it to because we don't think they would have the necessary experience and skills to fly it safely."

The jet shot to fame in 1965 when the Indian air force used Gnats to shoot down invading Pakistani aircraft.