Q magazine November '92

There is also Waters "interview" in Q magazine November '92

It seems it's the same that was on MTV.

Here are some nice quotes :

"I wrote The Wall as an attack on stadium rock - and there's is Pink Floyd making money out of it by playing it in stadiums! Pathetic. They spoiled my creations."

"Well, anyway, I am one of the best five writers to come out of English music since the War."

"Radio One won't play my single because they know it's no good. They know it's not as good as Erasure or Janet fucking Jackson."

[He also said that Lloyd Webber used music of Echoes in the beginning of Phantom Of The Opera.] "Bastard. [...] But I think that life's too long to bother with suing Andrew fucking Lloyd Webber."

[Waters was asked which writers could possibly rank above him]

"John Lennon. [...] Er, I can't think of anybody else [...] Freddy Mercury maybe...."