Daily Express Dec. 9th 1996

"Pink Floyd star David Gilmour, estimated to be worth 35 million, is suing over a new book about the group, claiming "aggravated" damages for libel and malicious falsehood. Gilmour, 51, recently admitted to feeling that his huge fortune gave him a bad conscience. "What I earn is obscene," he said. "So I wake up some mornings and write cheques for charity."

But the guitarist and singer feels rather less charitable about the book by author Cliff Jones called Echoes: Pink Floyd - The Stories Behind the Songs. His High Court writ also seeks to prevent further publication of the book containing these alleged libels.

"The book has a very large number of errors - over 120 - some careless, some very serious", the star's solicitors, tell me (the author of the newspaper article). "We have also identified four serious libels of David Gilmour. The band take a very serious view of this and are furious."

So is David Gilmour the only one suing? Adds his lawyer ominously: "For the moment...."