About www.Pink-Floyd.org

Pink-Floyd.org is a non profit site: the site has the aim to collect documents, articles, interviews, news, pictures, links, tabs, official ad unofficial discographies, fanzines and other material about the Pink Floyd and its unforgettable leader, with the pure spirit of an enthusiast Fan Club.

We don't accept sponsorizations, money, contributions and so on.
We don't sell hosting space, banners, links, speculating on the Pink Floyd name.
We don't sell relics, pins, buttons and other pleasantry.
We don't sell tickets for concert.
We don't like the stupidity, uselessness and superficiality of many Floyd's web pages.
We're not in direct contact with components of the group.

Hey, we're only Pink Floyd's fans !!!

For questions, infos, ideas please contact us at pinkmaster@pink-floyd.org.

The Pink Master

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